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Top 8 National Parks For Best Wildlife Experience

01 May 2023 05:57 PM
Top 8 National Parks For Best Wildlife Experience

Top 8 National Parks ForBest Wildlife Experience

Wildlife lovers often look for national parks and sanctuaries to visit in the winter season. The places for best wildlife experience are the ones with rich flora and fauna. The following list contains some of the most popular forest destinations you can explore in winter.

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1. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National park is one of the most scenic forests to visit in India in winter. For its location at the foot of the mighty Himalayas, this place offers visitors captivating vistas. You will also find several animal, bird, and reptile species alongside the majestic Tigers.

  • Special Attraction: Royal Bengal Tiger is undoubtedly the main attraction of this place.
  • National Park Opening Time:  This forest remains open to visitors from 15th November to 15 June. The first three months belong to the winter season and the last three months are summertime in the forest. Accordingly, the safari times also alter by one hour or less.
  • Expert Tips:  Do not forget to take heavy winter garments when you plan a visit to Jim Corbett National park during the winter months. Try to book your accommodation at the forest rest house at Dhikala core zone to make your holiday in the jungle more adventurous.

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Close to Jaipur and situated within the Sawai Madhopur district, Ranthambore is one of the top places to visit in India in winter. Once the hunting ground of the local Maharajas, this place nests Pelicans, Parakeets, Flamingos, Ibis,Egrets, and several other species besides Tigers.

  • Special Attraction: Again, most tourists visit this place to catch a glimpse of the majestic National Animal of India, The Royal Bengal Tiger. 
  • National Park Opening Time:  This Park remains open for visitors from October to June. However, depending on the season, the safari times vary a little.
  • Expert Tips:  Try to keep a camera with a zoom lens with you to capture some extraordinary pictures of the wildlife of this place. A walk up the ruins of the Ranthambore fort situated at the heart of the forest could be an out-of-the-world experience.

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3. Gir National Park

The sole abode of the Asiatic Lion in India, Gir is one of the best forests to visit in India in January. The vegetation-scarce landscape, the wide asses, sloth bears, striped hyenas, jungle cats, snakes, crocodiles, blackbucks, and monitor lizards make this forest a bio-diverse zone.

  • Special Attraction: Here you can meet the king of the forest, the Asiatic Lion. However, wild asses are also an important attraction of this place.
  • National Park Opening Time:  This Park remains open from mid-October to mid-June. Given the hot climatic condition of this grassland forest, winter remains the best time to visit.
  • Expert Tips: The time to book a safari would be in the morning hours. This is when you can beat the heat and experience the jungle as it wakes up to a new day.

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4. Kaziranga national park

Known for its long grasses and marshy lands, Kaziranga in Assam is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in India in January. Besides spotting the rare one-horned Rhinos grazing the grasslands, you will also catch tigers, swamp deer, elephants, etc., in this jungle. 

  • Special Attraction: The massive one-horned Rhinos remain the primary attractions of this place.
  • National Park Opening Time:  Given the heavy showers this place receives every year, the forest opens in November and stays accessible till April.
  • Expert Tips:No matter the season, always carry raincoats when you visit the North Eastern parts of India. Additionally, the forest climate remains considerably cold during the morning. hence, carry adequate winter clothes.

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5. Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are looking for atropical deciduous forest in India to visit in winter, Bandhavgarh should be at the top of your bucket list. Rich in flora and fauna, this place is a peaceful abode of Tigers, leopards, eagles, elephants, primates, reptiles and more.

  • Special Attraction: Beholding The Beautiful Royal Bengal Tigers in action remains the primary attraction of this place to tourists.
  • National Park Opening Time:  The Park opens on the 15th of October and welcomes visitors till the 15th of June. 
  • Expert Tips: Bandhavgarh is famous for its undulating landscapes and striped Indian tigers. Even if you fail to catch a glimpse of the National Animal, every nook and corner of this forest will mesmerise you with its beauty and richness. Carry a good quality, high-resolution camera to take some great shots.

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6. Tadoba

Over the last few years, Tadoba has made its entry to the list of best forests in India. For its rugged landscapes dotted with water bodies and bamboo bushes, and dense population of tigers, this place has emerged as a cherished haven for wildlife lovers. Tadoba is undoubtedly a forest that rarely disappoints its visitors concerning Tiger sightings.

  • Special Attraction: Royal Bengal Tiger roams freely and in abundance here.
  • National Park Opening Time:  The Park remains open from mid-October to the end of June.
  • Expert Tips:  Stay vigilant as you travel through the forest’s treacherous trails as tigers often remain hidden behind the bamboo bushes.

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7. Panna National Park

Panna National Park

Madhya Pradesh in India has the largest green Cover. Another gem of the state is Panna National Forest.  Your list of destinations for winter travel to forests in central India must have this name in it.

  • Special Attraction:Panna is another place where the Royal Bengal Tiger steals the show. However, you can also catch beautiful peacocks dancing and displaying their resplendent feathers almost everywhere here.
  • National Park Opening Time:  This place remains open for visitors from October to June.
  • Expert Tips:  Whenever you visit Panna, try to spend a day visiting the marvellous temples of Khajuraho. The distance between the two places is around 20 km. Also, Panna has a diamond mine which you might find worth a visit.

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8. Kanha National Park

The list of Indian forests remains incomplete without this name – Kanha National park. One of the biggest forest areas, Kanha has the largest population of Black Bucks and harbours many tigers as well.

The entire landscape of Kanha remains dotted with trees, shrubs, bushes, and tiger grasses ideal for the tiger’s hiding. This tropical region forest is one of the top wildlife sanctuaries to visit in winter.

  • Special Attraction: Royal Bengal Tigers are always the primary attraction of this place. However, Black Buck is another rare species that you will find here.
  • National Park Opening Time:  This sprawling forest remains open for safaris from mid-October to June-end.
  • Expert Tips: Book your accommodation and safari in advance. Throughout the winter season, this pace remains quite busy with national and international tourists.

Deciduous and evergreen forests in India remain accessible during the winter months. While the central Indian plateau has the largest green cover, you will find green pockets almost everywhere in this country. Plan your travel in advance to avoid confusion and hassles.

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9. FAQ

Which forest is best for tiger sightings?

Several forests in India have a fair population of tigers at present. However, according to data, KanhaNational Park, Tadoba, Jim Corbett National park, and Bandhavgarh National park are indeed the few forests where the chance of sighting a tiger remains the highest.

Is it safe to take kids on safari?

It is completely safe to take kids on forest safaris. Throughout the journey, the tourists remain accompanied by a trained guide and a driver. Additionally, you cannot step outside the vehicle as long as you stay within the National park’s core region. Therefore, you can take your kids without any worries.

Which Indian state has the maximum number of national parks?

Madhya Pradesh is the state in India that has the highest number of National parks within its administrative territory. If you are looking for the must visit national parks in India, all the forests in MP remain accessible and climatically congenial during this time.

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