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Top 5 Yoga and Meditation places in India

Yoga and meditation are a way to live a healthy life. Yoga is not just about twisting your body and performing those aasans, it’s actually about connecting with your own self and developing a better state of mind. India is a country where tourists from different parts of the world come to relax and obtain inner serenity. Thus there are many destinations where yoga and meditation can be performed in a peaceful manner. Thus listed below are the best places which will help you to develop a spiritual self.Here is a list of Top 5 Yoga and Meditation places in India

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1. Sai Center

This place is India is known for its beautiful architecture and temples present there. At Rishikesh, one can get close to the stage of salvation Moksha because of its spiritual atmosphere. This destination is located at the foothills of Himalaya's. Over the city, there are a large number of ashrams and yoga retreat centers. This location is perfect for meditation learning and practice. Rishikesh is enriched as the natural seat for good meditation because of the presence of the serene forest and the river banks of Ganga. It is also known as the International Capital of Yoga and meditation. Vashishtha Cave the famous spiritual place is present there. To the more performing yoga on the banks of River Ganga while listening to the enchanting Aarti can be a wonderful experience.

2. Art of Living Ashram

This is a well-planned meditation center which is spread over an area of 65 acres.  People from across the whole globe can get registered in this blissful dwelling and follow the set format for meditation. There are many courses for stress reduction, hypertension, diabetes, happiness and other lifestyle disorders. You can even be a service provider at the ashram. According to the course, a set level of meditation is prescribed along with a strict diet plan. This ashram helps you to get physical and mental balance.

3. Osho International Meditation Resort

This is one of the most recognized places where body, mind, and soul can be stringed as one. This place is made up of black marble.  They have ten meditation sessions every day which begins from the morning at 6.00 am. This place is full of luxuries where you can spot spa room, pool gym, cyber café, tennis court and a dining area. This location is perfect if you want to relax your mind.

5. Art of Meditation

Dharamshala is a part of the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh. For the meditation lovers, this location is the Paradise on Earth. The beauty of hills has a soothing and calm environment.  This place helps you to reduce stress and discover your own self. Thousands of tourists visit this place for spiritual upliftment. For the people who want to ride away from the city life and meditate then Dharamshala is the place for you. There are internationally renowned meditation centers such as Dalai Lama meditation retreat, Vipassana meditation center, and Tushita Meditation Centre. You can even learn the art of meditation at this location.

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