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Top 5 places to do Rock Climbing in India

Rock climbing is an activity which is full of adventure and enthusiasm. Here are the top 5 places to do rock climbing in India

Hampi is one of the major rock climbing destinations in India and is equally popular amongst the locals and foreigners.
Location: Around 300 km from Bangalore.
Main attraction: The Indian terrain is made up of red sandstone and most of the boulders and masses are unexplored.


One of the metropolitan cities of India which has many rock climbing destinations within a radius of 3000 miles.
The main spots for rock climbing are Matha Bura,Susunia Hills,Purulia and Jai Chandi.


Around Delhi 4.5 ★

Lado Sarai and Dhauj which are situated around Delhi are great destinations for rock climbing.

Location: Dhauj is located around 55 km from Delhi while Lado Sarai is located in South Delhi. One can join local adventure tourism group like"Delhi climbing group"
Main Attraction: Challenging rock formation which is part of the Indian terrain. These places are easy to access as they are centrally located in the city. The means of transport are plenty which is convenient for the tourist.


Around Mumbai - Maharashtra

The Western Ghats are very popular as they are an integral part of Indian terrain. The Borivali and the Mumbra regions are ideal destinations for rock climbing.
Location: Around 20-25 km from the city.
Main attractions: The great landscapes which are in great distribution on the outer part of the city with beautiful mountains.



This is the best place for rock climbing with unmatched climbing opportunities.
Location: Upper part of Himachal and Uttarakhand.

Manali and Dharamshala are the famous rock climbing destinations in Himachal while Gangotri in Uttrakhand is very popular. Attractions: Breath taking view and great climatic conditions ideal for rock climbing. Some of the best mountaineering institutes are located here which provides great guidance and help to the tourists. The best times to visit Himalayas are autumns and summers.


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