Top 5 Best Travel Insurance Companies In India

Top 5 Best Travel Insurance Companies In India

                      Do you have any travel plans and want the trip to be tension free?   Nobody would ever want their trip to be destroyed, because it’s the time to cherish the moments and stay carefree. By chance, if you come across any unwanted circumstances during your trip, you should have the travel insurance plans to rely on.   Travel insurance plans are a boon in case of any unanticipated circumstances which may occur along the trip for all those, who travel too often either on domestic or international trips. It can vary from anything including loss of passport, baggage misplacement, delay in the trip, or even flight cancellation. These type of incidences can ruin any well-organized trip. The travel insurance policies are considered as your   best friend, which helps you in covering you from emergency situations in both domestic and international trips. Given below, is a list of Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies you can opt for, to keep yourself hassle free and safe at the same time.  

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Here is a list for you - Top 5 Best Travel Insurance Companies In India

1. Religare Travel Insurance

Religare Travel Insurance


1. It provides offers of outpatient and inpatient treatment, while you’re abroad.

2. This insurance policy comprises of the expenses incurred in case of contingency situation and transportation of the insured person to the best medical facility within the network of the company.

3. This policy also provides you with a daily allowance throughout the stay of the insured.

2. Tata Aig Travel Insurance

Tata Aig Travel Insurance


1. This Insurance Company offers you with its best plans such as - Travel Guard, Student Guard, Asia Travel Guard Policy and Domestic Travel Guard Policy.

2. It provides you with facilities like an overseas cover from hospitalization expenses, misplacement of baggage, flight cancellation, etc.

3. It also sponsors protection for the students.

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3. Apollo Munich Travel Insurance Plan

Apollo Munich Travel Insurance Plan


1. You will definitely feel completely safe and financially secured, especially when you are travelling overseas with Apollo Munich Travel Insurance plans. 

2. It provides you with a separate plan for individuals, families, senior citizens and for multi-trips. 

3. You can also get your plan customized as per your requirements.

4. Reliance Travel Insurance

Reliance Travel Insurance


1. It is a certified company which aims at providing you with the best-customized travel insurance plans to justify its customer’s needs.

2. The travellers between the ages of 6 months-80 years of age can avail this plan easily.

3. The plans offered by Reliance Travel Insurances are highly affordable.

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