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Toss Your Travel With Coolest Travel Gadgets

Gear up to hold some fascinating gadgets in your bag. These travel gadgets reportedly are offbeat but prove to be very useful while travelling.

Tunebug Vibe
Tunebug Vibe_1478339457e11.jpg

It is an ultra-sleek pod that changes any common flat surface into an explosive box. You are only required to affix your portable audio device and then it will be awesomely helpful for you especially at the time of you riding in a restricted uncomfortable rail compartment across the Central Asian steppe. You can thus entertain all the neighboring passengers with a little rage opposite to the machine.

150-Country Travel Adapter And Converter

It is another travel related compact device which is lightweight and independently observes incoming voltage, transforms it to 120-volt AC power and thus gives plug adaptation for more than 150 countries all through Europe, the Americas, Caribbean, Australia, Africa and Asia. It also has incorporated USD hub that permits you to leave chargers for your digital cameras, iPods, mobile phones, etc. However, the device grants side by side AC and USB connection to charge two devices at same time.

xxd Load-ing
xxd Load-ing_1478339459u30.jpg

Do not go by its strange name but this travel equipment is really very useful. It is basically a flat piece of white plastic with pink, red or black mobbing on one side. While charging, you can fold it to make a pocket that is able to hold your device alongside the wall outlet and owing to the fact that it is flat, it will seem perfect for you at the time of travel or when you are at home.

ITG-Vidix Goggles
ITG-Vidix Goggles_1478339459u40.png

It is an unparalleled device, putting on show its amazing bundle of creative features. It can be operated independently without any need for a secondary device or any wire with the help of media files via its integral flash memory and Micro SD cards. It is highly recommended for watching movies, browse photos, play video games, listen to music or even viewing text files. However, you can still use this pair of ITG-Vidix Goggles as a show device much like your normal TV.

Reef Sandals
Reef Sandals_1478339460u50.jpg

Reef Sandals are identified as flip-flops. They are a brand of casual sandals formed by two brother from Argentina, namely Fernando and Santiago Aguerre in year 1980. In order to support their active lifestyle and their huge interest in surfing, they just went ahead and unveiled their own shop in the country. Reef Sandals are significant amongst surfers and beach goers and really let them carry tension- free with relaxed attitude. As such there is a huge variety in these form of sandals and you may get them in different colors in different styles. However, reef sandals are popping up in the snowboarding, skate, and mainstream fashion scene.

Apple iPads
Apple iPads_1478339462u60.jpg

It is the ultimate way for you to experience emails, the web, photos, and videos. All these features of apple iPads such as safari, mail, photos, videos, you tube, iPod, iTunes, app stores and maps were exclusively designed to take immense benefits of huge Multi-Touch screen and modernized effectiveness of iPad. Additionally, no further software is required to install and buy as these built-in features really make it user-friendly and thus appears to be the best way to kill your time when traveling outside.

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