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This Village Near Munnar Has A Lake With Healing Powers

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It is actually believed that real India belongs to the villages and we can't deny it. At a distance of 10 km from the famous place, Munnar is situated a unique village Devikulam which is a serene hilltown. This place got it name from two words Devi and Kulam. Devi means goddess and Kulam mean pond. Legends actually said that once Sita Devi bathed in the water of the lake which is situated in this village. SO the lake is known as Sita Devi Lake and village are called DeviKulam.

A great tourist attraction - Munnar
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You can spot a number of tourists at this place as it is quite famous among the people. Being such a powerful source, this lake still maintains its simplicity and calmness. For the people who want to experience the serene beauty and peace must opt for this destination. There is lush green plantation on the sides. Though the population of the village is less than thousand people, this village has its own charm. It is 5900 ft above sea level. So for the people want to experience an offbeat getaway in God’s Own Country, Devikulam is where you should be actually moving towards now.

A number of activities which you can experience in Devikulam

This place has a number of activities which you can actually opt for and enjoy staying at this place. Given below is the list of activities to be done.

Go for a dip in the holy waters of the Sita Devi Lake - Munnar
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Sita Devi Lake is the main attention of this place which holds great significance in Hindu religion, thus drawing thousands of devotees every year to visit here. The pilgrims consider that the waters of the lake have curative properties and a dip in the lake is supposed to be a healing experience which can heal quite a few illness. The charming setting of the lake also makes it a vast picnic spot.

Watch the wildlife at the Eravikulam National Park - Munnar
indovacation_1516941553u30.jpg Photo by: Indovacation

Eravikulam National Park is at a distance of 22 km from Devikulam. The park was constructed in 1978 to defend the scarce Nilgiri tahr and is extend across almost 100 sq. km. The park is a house to some of the rarest migratory birds, animals, and reptiles.

Discover the tea gardens of Devikulam - Munnar
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Devikulam is most famous for its regal tea gardens as some of them are actually the oldest one in the region. Some of them are actually present from 1900’s. Thus proving to be quite an old one! Visit these estates to know about the procedure of tea plantation and sip on some unusual ieties. These lush green estates create some of the best tea in the world and a travel around through them should absolutely find a place in your journey.

Thus Devikulam is an ideal holiday location which will vanish your troubles and let you have a perfect vacation in the most serene and calm environment.

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