The best tropical honeymoon destinations around the world

The best tropical honeymoon destinations around the world

  Honeymoon planning is always a special feeling for the newlyweds. The couple tries to plan the tropical and romantic destinations across the world to spend their first time of togetherness after marriage. There are specific paradise destinations in many places across continents that can bring a new start to the lives of the couple and give them a fresh beginning. The places are hard to choose as the numbers are huge; however, a small list of the most romantic tropical destinations across the globe is as follows

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Here is a list for you - The best tropical honeymoon destinations around the world

1. Maldives


Couples planning for their honeymoon in the Maldives are most likely to connect with each other in the country Sri Lanka too. These two countries give a combination of surprises to the newlyweds and flying out to the islands and trying the leopard and elephant safari is a must do for the new couples. 

The number of luxury resorts is numerous in both the countries and one can choose the right place to stay with their love that fits their budget. Days can be spent while swimming with the sharks in the water, cruising over the sea, flying high over the islands on the seaplanes, and simply passing the leisure time on the beaches while sipping on to cocktails is a fabulous experience with the loved ones.

2. French Polynesia

French Polynesia


Bora Bora is a must mention in the checklist for every beautiful honeymoon plan. His is one of the most beautiful islands across the globe that one must check while planning to spend their first life after marriage in French Polynesia. The under waves explorations are something to experience with the partner on the Rangiroa island. 

The diving sites that one can see with their love are incredible along with the sightings of the blue lagoon. One of the best places for honeymoon here is Tahiti Island and this is the best for the fun and adventurers. La'taha Island provides a private escape plan for the couple. This place can be explored more and more through hopping from one island to the other.

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3. Seychelles


The most loved and romantic destinations for honeymoon are the Seychelles islands. This is because the islands have a lot to be explored. The huge number of islands present has a lot to offer to the visitors through the activities and explorations that can keep the newlyweds busy and adventurous at the same time. 

Island hopping is possible through ferries and flights that can drop the couple to their destinations in no time. The couples can explore more and more I the form of catching a tan at the beautiful beaches, going to the Giant Aldabra, and exploring the coral reefs at the same time during their stay.

4. Bali

<a href='' class=''>Bali</a>


Bali is one of the top destinations for a honeymoon is a relation to the affordability. The hotels can be booked at a nominal cost of 100 US dollars so that one can get wonderful and mesmerizing sea views during their leisure time and their first stay with each other. The local food is available at the most nominal cost of approximately 2 US dollars per meal per person. People can rent luxury homestays and villas which are also available at very affordable rates and prices with a ton of activities to be done for the newlyweds. The romance here is in the air and the couple can enjoy to their heart's content while spending their honeymoon period in Bali.

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5. Hawaii


This is one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon that is loved by almost all the American residents. The sot of return flights is nominal and on their visit, the couples can enjoy the endless beauty of the sea and the beaches. 

There are a lot of activities that one can do here with their loved ones to make their honeymoon a perfect one filled with adventures. Kauai Island is more romantic and peaceful with a quiet environment that would connect the romance with nature and the couples can find so much to do and explore here. 

There are secret canyons that can lead to beaches and waterfalls, one of the most common one is the Hike Waimea Canyon. Volcano visit and scuba diving can make the experience of the visitors more adventurous on the island. The luxury during the stay can be felt at the luxurious hotels and resorts at Oahu.

6. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands


This is another place worth visiting for a honeymoon as it offers the couples with delicious rums, hiking trails, clear sea water, white beaches, and much for to be explored and enjoyed during the leisure stay.

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