The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

In the human race, there exist a bunch of people who crave for adventure . For the going to the vacation is like seeking for more adventure. These people usually want to travel to places which are less familiar but have a lot in store considering the adventure traits. Given below is the list of countries which are a must visit for adventure lovers.

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Here is a list for you - The Best Countries for Adventure Travel

1. Chiang Mai

Thailand is quite a popular place when we think about vacation. Destinations like Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui are quite common but the best place for adventure lovers in Chiang Mai. It is in the north of Thailand. You can take a flight from Bangkok and visit this place which offers the most special fun that is Elephant Trekking. There are camps organized where you can go for this. In this activity, the driver sits on the head of an elephant and two passengers on the backseat. The elephant will move on the tiny step which will make you feel properties at a 90-degree angle. It might be scary at first but it’s actually amazing.

2. New Zealand

This beautiful destination is one of the cleanest destinations in the world and has the purest air. This place is not that populated but is amazing to visit. What invite adventure lovers here is the amazing terrain. The climbers actually come to climb the rocks which are quite difficult. They go for climbing and from the peak see the marvellous view. If you are on the list of people who don’t get tired easily then this place is worth a visit.

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3. Canada

In terms of size, Canada is the second largest country but the population is still less than California. You might see people living there in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto etc but there exist few offbeat places which a visit are just. You must go to Trans Canada Trail to hike and bike. You can also opt for Manitoba where you can spot the rear iety of polar bear.  Don't forget to go to Haida Gwaii if you are a wildlife lover.

4. Brazil

Brazil which is the largest country in South America is famous for hosting the world’s largest party, in the form of Rio’s famous Carnival. It not just that this place is also a paradise for adventure lovers. It has the world’s largest waterfall system Iguazú, biggest wetlands Pantanal, and that thing called the Amazon, which consists of both the mighty river and rainforest

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5. Argentina

 The people who wish to snow-topped mountain peaks, turquoise lakes. wild tundra, treeless plains, and sprawling ice fields, then Argentina is the place for you. The beautiful landscape and the scenic environment attract a lot of adventure lovers every year. You can also practice fishing in and horse riding there which will be a memorable experience.


Thus these are some of the gorgeous places which are a perfect bet for the adventure lovers. They can definitely fill their hunger for adventure by staying here.

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