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Street food Joints in Nainital you must not miss

Street food Joints in Nainital you must not miss

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1. Embassy restaurant


This is one of the oldest places in Nainital which serves the most amazing food. It is loved by tourist and as a cosy kind of ambience. The best street food to order here is pizza and sandwiches. The cheesy pizza which is made using thin crust base plus the amazing sauces is a must to feed your tummy. Even the sandwiches are no less which are soft cheesy and served with the crispy yummy fries.

2. Chandni Chowk


Yes, you read that right. Chandni Chowk is not in Delhi only but a beautiful and amazing food joint is present in Nainital which is known for its amazing Laccha Parantha and Jalebis. They are crispy plus you can taste the royal flavour of ghee in it. After you are done with your meal doesn’t forget to have hot milk which is prepared using Saffron and nuts. It will give you the best flavour in the end.

3. Machhan


When your taste buds crave for Chinese food in Nainital then visiting Machhan is a great option. It is known for his best kind of food which is fresh, nominal plus quality type. The egg fried rice, Lemon chicken plus the fried prawns are a must try here. Even you can try the Indian cuisines such as butter chicken, chicken keema along with a variety of assorted bread.  It is pure yum. Do order your favourite kind of mocktail along to relish your meal more.

4. Sonam Fast Food


Close to Naina Devi temple, it is a small stall kind of a place which serves the best kind of street food. Momos are the best dish served here with that typical spicy flavoured sauce. They are soft plus have a great filling of chicken and vegetables for you to relish. You can even try the typical noodles, burger and many other things.  Do grab a bottle of coke along for digesting.

5. Boat House Club


If you want to enjoy the view of the Naini Lake then sitting and having a cup of tea at Boat House Club is a great option. Along with tea, you can order sandwiches, spring rolls or cakes to fill your tummy. This place will give you a pure Bollywood feel as the aura over here is simply astonishing. Don’t forget to get pictures clicked here with your family and friends. And yes after that do go for boating too.
Thus, to conclude, Nainital has a number of food joints which serve you great kind of food at a nominal price for people to enjoy.

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