Singapore Visa For Indians

Singapore Visa For Indians Singapore Visa For Indians Singapore Visa For Indians Singapore Visa For Indians


If you are planning to visit Singapore, having a passport can be enough. Next process is the Singapore visa that is provided by the country. Getting a Singapore visa for Indians is not at all tough. To get a Singapore tourist visa, there are some steps that must be adhered to and we shall list them out here for a proper understanding. 

Note here that if you already have an official passport, then there is no need for you to apply for an entry visa. Also, keep in mind that the entire Singapore visa process is online. It can save you from the hassle of physically depositing an application. 

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Here is a list for you - Singapore Visa For Indians

1. The Application Process

The Application Process


You must apply for a Singapore tourist visa at least 30 days in advance prior to the planned date of arrival in the island country. You should also make sure that your passport is at least valid for six months from the date you plan to leave Singapore's shores. Having already mentioned here that the process of Singapore visa for Indians is completely online, you should get a visa application first from any of the authorized travel agents or from a Singapore Overseas Mission. 

Alternately, you can also download an application form from the ICA website by visiting the link, A visa application can also be submitted by a local sponsor in Singapore who holds a SingPass account.

2. The Essential Formalities And Documents

The Essential Formalities And Documents


For getting a Singapore visa for Indians, there are some documents that must be attached with an application form. Providing the proper document is one of the most important aspects of getting a Singapore tourist visa and ample care must be taken while completing the application. The needed documents are as follows.


A valid Indian passport with the passport book number India having at least six months validity from the date of leaving Singapore.

Two colored photographs with white background and whose dimensions must be within 33 mm width and 45 mm of height. It should be clear and without any distortion of any kind. Also, note that the photograph should not be more than three months old from the date of the visa application. Avoid white headgear and plain white clothing headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide any facial features. 

The full face should be visible with open eyes along with the shoulders facing forward. The hair should not cover the eyes or eyebrows. The photograph should be in an even exposure, i.e., not under any direct light source. If there are spectacles worn by a person, it should not cover part of the eyes and there should not be any glare or reflection.

A duly signed and completed Form 14A - Immigration Act so that all details can be verified from it. You can get the form here

If you are a first-time traveler to Singapore, then you need to submit the tax returns of the last three years along with a bank statement of last three months.

A covering letter addressed to 'The Consulate General of Singapore' or 'The Embassy of Singapore' mentioning the reason and dates of travel. 

Although not mandatory, a confirmed hotel booking for the stay in Singapore should be shared with authorities for making a good impression during the visa allotment.

There should be enough funds for the travel and a confirmed return air ticket along with the tour plans should be shared with authorities. A sum of S$ 80 a day would suffice for a person in Singapore in addition to about S$ 500 a day for the hotel stay. However, about S$ 100 can be enough for lodging if you prefer to stay at a backpacker hostel. Therefore, for a four- day three-night stay, you may need S$ 1800 including the hotel stay or about S$ 600 if staying in a hostel.

Provide the photos and documents to the authorized agent and get the e-visa online. 

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3. Getting A Confirmed Visa

Getting A Confirmed Visa


The Singapore visa fee is S$ 30 that has to be paid along with an application. Additionally, an INR 300 per application also should be paid to an authorized visa agent for processing. Once a duly filled application is submitted through an agent with all the accompanying details, the visa application status can be seen online. 

Whenever it gets approved through the concerned authorities, you can easily take a printout. This way, you can see that procuring a Singapore visa for Indians is quite easy, simple and fast.

Apart from all the needed documentation for a Singapore visa for Indians, the Singapore Consulate may at times ask for additional papers too that must be provided for verification. However, it happens very rarely. Moreover, one has to only pay the Singapore visa fees once and that is also an online process. 

Therefore, you will not get duped for it. So, go ahead and complete a Singapore visa online application for enjoying the glory of the garden-city. For any other Singapore visa related query, please feel free to post your question here -

4. Here Are Some FAQs Related To The Singapore Visa Application Process.

Here Are Some FAQs Related To The Singapore Visa Application Process.


1 Is it necessary to have a passport for applying for a Singapore visa?

Yes. Indian nationals are no longer provided with physical visas. A sticker visa has been replaced by an electronic visa in a PDF format. An approved electronic visa is emailed to an applicant in a PDF that contains a unique identification number. The visa can be printed and presented to the immigration officer along with the passport at the passport control.

2 Is there any difference between maximum allowed stay and visa validity in Singapore?

An issued visa allows multiple entries into Singapore during its validity period, which is 9 weeks. It begins from the date of the visa issue. The duration of each Singapore stay should not exceed 30 days, i.e. each time you enter the country, your passport will be needed to be stamped allowing you to remain there for 30 days.

3 How long before the trip shall a visa be applied?

A visa can be applied one month in advance of arrival. An application for it can be submitted no sooner than a month before to the trip. Anyway, if plans are there to travel in a few months’ time, you can submit your application but the application process will start a month prior to the given entry date into the country.

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