Shop till you drop in Bangalore

Shop till you drop in Bangalore

For all the shopaholics who want to crazily shop but budget become the constraint for you, we certainly have a better option. You can shop in Bangalore like crazy and that too at affordable p.rices. Some streets have the best clothes with latest trends at very cheap rates.  So why not opt for them and save some money. Thus given below are the best places to shop in Bangalore.

Here is a list for you - Shop till you drop in Bangalore

2. Brigade Road

Brigade Road is among the cheapest places in Bangalore and here you can find almost everything. This business center is spotted with shops and stores that sell clothes, shoes, spices, items that are handcrafted, pieces of antique jewelry and much more. Leaving the local shops,  this place has many branded outlets such as KFC, Starbucks, Nike and such labels. Even cafes and pubs are present where you can enjoy. This market is open until late evening and the cafes and pubs are open until 12 pm.

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3. Commercial Street

Commercial Street Bangalore is another economical place for the shopping lovers. From ready-made garments to footwear and items of jewelry, you will get an abundance of them. You will also find amazing deals which will make you go mad as you get so many offers at best price. This street is basically for people engaged in sports and athletics because maximum shops cater to this section. You really need to bargain and fix the price so as to get the best rate. This market is open until 10 pm

4. Majestic Market

This market caters to local and exported products like fancy perfumes, clothes, electronic gadgets, shoes and other items of innovation.  For all the people who want to shop such products, Majestic Market is the place for you which is surrounded by the Hongkong Market and Burma Bazar. This has actually brought a revolution to shopping in Bangalore. You will find items which are both limited and identified and the Chinese iety as well.

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5. M.G Road

Shopping in Bangalore cannot be complete until you visit the M.G Road. Prasiddi and Deepam silks control the stores here and one can also spot some good handiwork items at this market. Busy since the shops open their shutters, this road is a center for locals and tourists as it houses stores like Kids Kemp. You can find great shopping deals and stalls there which provide great food. Ladies will go mad over the iety of silk sarees they will find here. What’s even better is that these porcelains are priced rationally.

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