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Places To Visit In August In India in 2018

lahaul-spiti-11_1464585165e11.jpg Photo by: Darter

Lahaul is the hidden neighbour of Ladakh. It is cut off for a good six months due to thick sheets of snow. As the summer months arrive, the snow melts giving way to visit this beauty. Relatively untouched, Lahaul hosts a beautiful shade of blue sky and equally picturesque meadows. Reaching Lahaul might require you to pass through Manali which receives adequate rainfall in July. Thus, a lot of travellers prefer travelling in August.

tawang-monastery (1)_1464584931u20.jpg

The rain paints the town of Tawang in multiiate shades of green. All the greenery is so soothing to the eye and the pre-existing beauty of Tawang is further amplified. August is the monsoon season in Arunachal Pradesh. This replenishes the mighty waterfalls and flora. All in all, a paradise for the nature lovers!

skyline4--621x414_1464585351u30.jpg Photo by: Livemint

Besides being an educational and industrial hub, Pune holds ious hidden gems. Adventure lovers can always opt for trekking to Rajmachi fort. Another plus is the white water rafting. Monsoon is the most ideal time for rafting and Kolad is famous for its river rafting programs. On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little lazy, we suggest a long drive to Lonavala which is sure to drive away the monsoon blues.

pondicherry-beach_1464585566u40.jpg Photo by: India Exchange

Our very own French Quarter! How can we ever ignore this beautiful city! Flanged with authentic French architecture and beaches of paradise, Pondicherry is our personal favourite. Psst… There’s a beach called the Paradise Beach. Coincidence? We think not ;

srinagar1_1464599267u50.jpg Photo by: Trans India

srinagar_1464599267u51.jpg Photo by: Amazing India

The summer in Srinagar lasts from May to September. The days can get a tad bit hot and long during the months of May to July. August is the ideal time to pay a visit. The evenings are pleasant as well. The Dal lake witnesses a bloom in lotuses in the month of August. Pretty, pretty, pretty!


The winters in Gangtok are pretty harsh while the monsoon is a bliss! Not many tourists visit Gangtok during this period. That’s when it transforms into your personal heaven. The fresh lush green beauty encompasses you and the lack of tourists just makes it more calm. July is the wettest month and frequently leads to landslides.

shirdi_1464599019u70.jpg Photo by: Dham Yatra

Shirdi is a holy town located in Maharashtra. Although, it receives pilgrims throughout the year, we believe that August is the best time to pay a visit. August brings in light showers and the temperatures are very pleasant. It is perfect for sightseeing as well as Ashram visit.

private-cultural-tour-day-trip-to-mahabalipuram-and-dakshinachitra-in-chennai-117273_1464599085u80.jpg Photo by: Viator

Mahabalipuram is well renowned for its grand architecture. It is also famous for its silvery sandy beaches and handicrafts.

FYI – Mahabalipuram is home to a set of monuments which is now classified as UNESCO heritage site. Cool, right?

Summary of Best places to visit in August in India
  1. Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
  2. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Pune, Maharashtra
  4. Puducherry, Pondicherry
  5. Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
  6. Gangtok, Sikkim
  7. Shirdi, Maharashtra
  8. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
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