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Best Places To Visit In October In India in 2018

If you want to travel and is looking for perfect holidays weekend then October will provide you with evry of them. Many festival is celeberated in this month only and you will get many holidays to go to your favourite destination.Here is the list of

Places to visit in October in India

Darjeeling is said to be the Queen of hills and we definitely do not question that. Surrounded by infinite slopes of bright green tea plantations and set against a backdrop of white Himalayan peaks, Darjeeling surely lives up to its name. October, being the offset of rains, becomes a paradise for tourists to experience the snow-peaks, clear skies and spectacular greenery.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

Top Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Top Places to Visit Near Darjeeling

One of the top place to visit in october is Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur has everything you can ask for to escape from your noisy, polluted, frustrating city life- No traffic, unbelievably clean 7th cleanest city in India in 2016, to be precise, amazing tourist attractions and greenery all around the city. Yet, it has a very cosmopolitan population with a good mix of cultures. Thinking of settling down already, aren't you?

Places to Visit in Jharkhand

  1. Jubilee Park
  2. Dimna Lake
  3. Bhuvaneshwari Temple
  4. Tata Steel Zoological Park
  5. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Jayanti Saro
  7. Jubilee Lake

See More Beautiful hills in Jharkhand 

One of the place to see in October is Hampi. Rent a bike and ride the roads of this hippie paradise. It's cheap, uninhibited and very modern. To be precise, it's like Goa, but cheaper, dopier and a lot more magical. You have a number of temples to explore, and each temple is a gem with its own unique history. October 2017 makes it the ideal time to ride your bike and explore this town without breaking a sweat.

Places to Visit in Hampi

Vithala Temple Complex
Group of Monuments at Hampi
Virupaksha Temple
Matanga Hill
Monkey Temple
Statue of Ugra Narsimha
Elephant Stables
Vijaya Vittala Temple
Tungabhadra River
Lotus Palace
Stepped Tank
Hazara Rama Temple

Another Best Places To Visit In October In India in 2018 is Vellore. Popularly known as the Fort City of Tamil Nadu, Vellore has a splendid past with a harmonious fusion of rich culture and heritage.

Fun fact The Golden Temple of Vellore is said to have been built with 1500 kg of gold. Isn’t that massive?

The Vellore Fort is a hotspot for tourists and is completely made of granite stones.

Best Time to Visit Vellore

Best Places to Visit in Vellore

Best Places near Vellore to Visit

Another Top Places to visit in october is Matheran. Matheran is a peaceful and relaxing place and it's no wonder that so many people escape the city to visit. You can spend long hours just walking in the dense forest halting at the ious lookout points along the way. Walk or ride a horse to take a view of the beautiful plains, lakes and mountains around. Did we forget to mention the “Toy Train” ride through the clouds?
Explore More Matheran

Places to Visit in Matheran

Louisa Point
Neral-Matheran Toy Train
Porcupine Point Sunset Point
Panorama Point
Alexander Point
Echo Point
One Tree Hill Point
Little Chowk Point
Khandala Poin
Lord Point
Prabal Fort
King George Point
Rambagh Point
Rambaug Point
Charlotte Lake

Daman prides itself on its rich and ied historical heritage covering more than 2 millenniums. The beaches and religious places of Daman are a mesmerising combination of silver talcum sands, stretches of lazy palms and ancient monuments. With their beautiful “Portugal” theme, they surely make evenings more romantic and nights crazier.

Natural Beauties in Daman

Places to Visit In Daman

Another best Place To Visit In October In India in 2018 is Ranthabore. Wildlife expedition in one of the largest national parks in northern India, where spotting a tiger walking amongst you is not a big surprise. If that excites you, Ranthambore is the place to be. The park opens its gates in October, and sees tourists ranging from thrill seekers to families. Another adrenaline filled activity is the expedition to the Ranthambore fort, a massively constructed fort, perched high on a hill of about 700 feet.

Planning your trip already?

Places to Visit in Ranthambore

  1. Ranthambore Fort
  2. Trinetra Ganesh Temple
  3. Surwal Lake
  4. Padam Lake
  5. Kachida Valley
  6. Jogi Mahal
  7. Lakarda and Anantpura
  8. Malik Talao
  9. Akaula Region
  10. Wild Dragon

One of the best place to visit in October in India is Udaipur. Ever wanted to experience the “Rajput” way of life? Then Udaipur is what you need. Known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is one of the most well-known tourist destinations of the country and it beautifully exemplifies the Rajasthani culture. Lakes, Forts, Museums… You name it, Udaipur has it. Get ready for a royal treatment and pamper yourself while you sip on rich coffee relaxing along the lakeside.

Best Time to Visit in Udaipur

Best Places to Visit Near Udaipur

Best Places for Night out in Udaipur

Summary of Best places to visit in October in India
  1. Darjeeling, West Bengal
  2. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  3. Hampi, Karnataka
  4. Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  5. Matheran, Maharashtra
  6. Daman
  7. Ranthambore, Rajasthan
  8. Udaipur, Rajasthan
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