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Offbeat Destinations Near Goa Which Will Leave You Spellbound

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When we think of Goa the first thing which strikes our mind is the beach. Other than that we find Goa an ideal place for relaxing, good food, partying and so on. We people don't go beyond than this. Goa is something more, yes it's about the offbeat destinations which are situated near to it. They are just pretty amazing. Given below is the list of some of the offbeat destinations near Goa which you must visit to explore the real treasure.

Harvallem Waterfall - Goa
2 trawell_1516939412e11.jpg Photo by: Trawell

If you compare this waterfall to Dudhsagar than you won't find it much interesting but as an individual waterfall is the best if you want to experience peaceful time. You won't find a great number of people at this place. Other great things near this waterfall are beautiful caves and temples.

Rural Goa - Goa
3 spontieapp_1516939412u20.jpg Photo by: Spontieapp

This beauty is the best where you can go for a bicycle ride through the fields. Even you can take part in the agricultural activity and enjoy their particular style of living. This is something marvelous which you will cherish throughout your life.

Grand Island - Goa
4 imimg_1516939413u30.jpg Photo by: Imimg

For the people who want to go for adventure activities, Grand Island is the place for you. From fishing, snorkeling to Scuba Diving, you can experience all of them. On the way to this Island, you might spot Dolphins gliding along your boat which will be certainly the best moment. The waters here is crystal clear and diving is usually around 12 meters.

Chorla Ghats - Goa
5 goaprism_1516939413u40.jpg Photo by: Goaprism

Chorla Ghats is present among the Western Ghats and it is a striking steamy tropical forest that puts a magic charm on its visitors. Discover the blossoming green forests and wildlife like Nilgiri Tahr, Indian Leopard, widespread only to the regal Western Ghats.

Fort Tiracol - Goa
6 forttiracol_1516939414u50.jpg Photo by: Fortiacol

Fort Tiracol is the fort which offers one of the best views in Goa. It was constructed in the 17th century and is a Portuguese fort that sits atop a cliff overlooking the Indian ocean. Now this place is converted into a hotel. You can stay there, enjoy the beautiful view and experience the mouthwatering lunch.

Anjuna Flea Market - Goa
7 static 2_1516939414u60.jpg Photo by: Static 2

Many people might think that Anjuna Beach is best to have food but this place is also famous for the offbeat flea market which has a great iety of clothes. You can shop there and get the best outfits. Don't forget to bargain.

Netravali Lake - Goa
8 goa tourism_1516939415u70.jpg Photo by: Goatourism

This pond in Sanguem Taluka is fairly enthralling for its bubbly nature. If you clap your hands while sitting on the steps, there is an instant response in the form of bubbles breaking the pond’s shell. This is due to the increase of methane from the rotting vegetation below. Don't forget to dip your feet in the water and enjoy the fish pedicure without any payment.

Thus to conclude these offbeat destinations in Goa are all about fun and excitement. So if you are among those people who want to go beyond the limits and visit something unusual do keep these places in your list.

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