Not so famous towns in Thailand you must visit

Not so famous towns in Thailand you must visit

We all have Thailand in our list of place to visit. While some of us love the iety of seafood the country serves, other enjoy the aura of a city located at the bank of the ocean. Every years, hundreds and thousands of tourists flock to Thailand and make some fond memories. However, their trip remains restricted to the same old road while missing the secret places that the country have preserved so far. Yes, Thailand is way beyond Bangkok and Phi Phi Islands. Here are some hidden getaways in the country that offer you the real taste of Thailand:

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Here is a list for you - Not so famous towns in Thailand you must visit

1. Thailand:


Chaing Dao is a small town perched amid the mountains in the Chiang Mai province. The name means “City of the stars” because the sky seems just next to you on such a high altitude. Besides a place to savor the delectable tribal dishes, the natural splendor of this town is simply spectacular. There are nay hot springs, caves and waterfalls in this region to make your trip and ultimate adventure.

2. Thailand:


Khao Sok in itself is a complete travel package. The town has everything including a national park, the biggest rainforest of Thailand, diverse flora and fauna and nature’s setup to enjoy a number of activities. Limited number of people know about this place and come here to enjoy river rafting, canoeing, trekking and more. 

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3. Thailand:


Once the capital of Thailand, Sukhothai is a place that will definitely uplift your spirit. It is the land of meditation and several Buddha statues.  The town is renowned for its preserved monuments that are set between trees and beside ponds, narrating the rich and glorious Thai history. Each one of these ancient monuments are painstakingly preserved in their original grace, which makes the visit even more memorable.

4. Thailand:

 Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta are sister islands. Sadly, Koh Phi Phi gets all the popularity while Koh Lanta sits aside keeping its immense splendor a super-secret. The island is full of beautiful beaches, large-spread rainforests, and some of the most amazing diving coasts in Thailand. The island is a lesser developed one amongst other islands in Thailand but has all the features to make your visit perfect.

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5. Thailand :

Thailand :

Trang is as beautiful as Krabi and yet has minimum crowd to ruin your picture-perfect vacation. The island boasts of a wide-spread coastline and incredible forest range. Just perfectly invaded by the Chinese influence, the town has a prominent Chinese imprint on its food as well as in its architecture. Coffee is a famous drink of Trang that has all its flavors aimed to tantalize your taste buds. 

6. Thailand:

What makes Kanchanaburi a famous attraction is the prestigious bridge over the River Kwai. It also has the “death railway” a not so famous attraction for the locales but a must visit site for the travelers. The death railway was forcefully made by the prisoners of Thailand under the rule of the Japanese.  There are many museum dedicated to the wars and offer great insights of the troublesome time of the country. The Kanchanaburi Elephant Sanctuary is another major attraction of this place.

These are some of the less frequently traveled yet awesome destinations in Thailand. Next time you travel to the country, do not forget to visit these hidden getaways in Thailand to make the most of your foreign trip.

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