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Most Unusual Offerings At The Temples In India

Chinese Kali Temple

Chinese Kali Temple is located at Tangra in Kolkata. Goddess Kali seems to have wonderful time at Chinatown, a small part of Kolkata in West Bengal. The place has most of its inhabitants as Chinese who offer the deity in a unique and unconventional way. Noodles, chopsuey and many other Chinese items are presented at the temple on everyday basis as well as during special occasions. True to the religious tolerance India is known for, it is an interesting sight to watch Chinese worshipping the Hindu deity.


Karni Mata Mandir - Bikaner

Karni Mata mandir or temple is in a small town located near Bikaner (Rajasthan). Main attraction of this town is this temple itself is home to about 20,000 black rats. Prasad in this temple is offered first to the rats and then to the visitors. It is believed that the Prasad laced with rat saliva brings good luck.

Aero plane Gurudwara

A Sikh temple of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh is in Talhan village in Punjab near Jalandhar. It is famous by the name of Airplane Gurdwara or Hawai jahaj gurudwara as devotees here offer miniature aircraft to fulfill their dreams of going abroad. It is believed that this act would get their visas approved. Several shops near gurudwara sell miniature aircrafts to devotees for Prasad.

Khabees Baba Temple, Lucknow

Khabees Baba temple in Sitapur district around 80kms away from Lucknow has no idols or priests. Devotees offer liquor to two slipper shaped structures on a raised platform as it was believed that Khabess baba used to cure people after consuming alcohol. A portion of the liquor offered is collected and distributed to devotees as Prasad.

A very beautiful temple of Jhula Devi is situated in the state of Uttaranchal and the countless number of bells hanging within the premises speak about the popularity of this temple. Devotees pay their gratitude by tying bells in all sizes and shapes after the fulfillment of their wishes. Although, temple can be visited any time throughout the year, the best time to visit temple is from April to June and September to October.

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