Magical Socotra Island In Madagascar A Destination Worth Remembrance

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Magical Socotra Island In Madagascar A Destination Worth Remembrance


Till date we have covered places which truly sound from our planet Earth but what if we take you into an otherworldly journey. A paradise where intrepid travellers basically those seeking a nature's solace can go on cocooning for days together without encountering the massive precipitation of those human genre. Socotra Island is said to be one of those lost world which got separated from the African mainland some 6 million years ago.

It sounds weird but it's a fact- this island boggles up your imagination. One would bang up guessing the alluring factor embedded in the island. Whether it is the placid beaches, the solace or the crazy botanical treasure which astonishes one at every footstep. As per scientific revelations this island is said to be teeming with more than 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna which are indigenous to this corner of the planet. Socotra Island is said to be having a hot, harsh and dry climate but still the most bewildering plant life thrives here.

Bewilderment for human imagination. Perched in the Indian Ocean some 340 kms from Yemen the wide elusive sandy beaches of Socotra have augmented into limestone plateaus full of caves. These caves stretch themselves to 7 kilometres in length and mountains skyrocket up to 1525 meters in height. One would be enthralled by the awesome beauty of Socotra Island. The landscape is an amalgamation of contrasts. This is truly a magical island, the trees and plants found here are said to have been geologically preserved through 20 million years.

Truly, and nature has bestowed Socotra with rare plant and bird genres. Some weird plant species which enhance the glory of Socotra are the dragon's blood tree, a valuable source for varnishes, dyes and probably was also used in medieval ritual magical practices. The branches of these trees are spectacular miracle to be watched out for. They spread upwards into the sky and seem to have a look as that of a flying saucer.

Hey if you think the vivid landscape of this island closes with this then hang on and watch out for the desert rose which exactly looks like that of a exploding elephant leg. Then follows the exorbitantly rare cucumber tree. Apart from all this one would be bowled head over toes viewing the rarest bird species in the island. Socotra is a bird's paradise which beholds our sensory organs for time immemorial. A few examples are that of the unique Socotra warbler, sunbird, starling, and bunting etc. Apart from this entire how can one forget the virgin beauty of Socotra landscapes?

It encompasses pristine scenic beauty and ancient culture untouched by the outer world as if this land has remained hibernated through all these centuries. One would thrill boating in the Socotra Island as you would be accompanied by those giant dolphins and whales. Infact,  a real treat for the eyes. Well the more enthusiast ones could really take that plunge of underwater diving and enroute would find those innumerable remnants of shipwreck which seems to be a fantasy land. Therefore, if one is in search of serenity then straightway head for the Socotra Island. This is the ultimate paradise of the modern world.

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