Top 5 Strangest Islands

Top 5 Strangest Islands

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Here is a list for you - Top 5 Strangest Islands

1. Easter Island

Easter Island in Chile is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. The Easter name given to the island because, this island was discovered on Easter day in 1772 by a Dutch  captain. You will get to see large statues on this island which is known as moia. These  stone monuments are huge and up to three stories tall, these structures are famous all  over the world. It has been said that the early Polynesians lived on Eastern Island and  they built these massive statues with the help of using fairly primitive tools. To see all  887 statues you have to visit this isolated and mysterious island in Chile.

2. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz island is beautiful and worth checking out places in the world. Everyone from  history buffs to tourist or even local people should once visit this mysterious place and  you will be amazed to get the discounts on the group tickets. You can take the boat  shuttle, can enjoy the 10 minutes short boat ride and this ride will take you the island.  You can visit the Lego art exhibit, where you get to see some fine modern art, displayed  in a historical setting. Here you can find a prison area that is really creepy and gives  chills.

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3. Snake Island

Snake Island

Snake Island is one of the creepiest places on this earth where up to 4,000 snakes live on the 110-acre island. According to a report it has been said that you can find one snake for every six square yards, too creepy. The island is known as home for golden lancehead, one of the most venomous vipers in the world. The venom of golden lancehead is 5 to 6 times stronger then any mainland snake. Its venom is enough to melting the human flesh, so creepy and deadly island. It has been said that 90% of all  snakebite-related deaths in Brazil is due to lancehead genus.

4. Hashima Island

Hashima island was once densely populated place on the earth, this place was known  for its coal mining, but when coal mine was exhausted the island was completely became deserted. The thousands of workers from Japan, China, and Korea use to work in these mines during WWII. But when Japan decided to shift their main source of energy from coal to petroleum, this island was no longer beneficial to Japan or to the workers. Slowly workers shifter from this island to find new jobs for the survival and hence the island deserted. But when you visit this place you will find massive concrete buildings in good conditions.

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5. North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

When we say North Sentinel Island then it is one of the most deserted islands on this earth. It is difficult to visit this island. Here hunting- gathering of people, who wants to cut from the outside world. The local people never allow anyone to visit this place, it has been seen that when a boat or aircraft come close to this place, the local people launch a barrage of arrows. It is a signal that no one is allowed here and sometimes local people even kills visitors.

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