Isn't It Fascinating To Know About These 7 Wonders Of Dubai?

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Isn't It Fascinating To Know About These 7 Wonders Of Dubai?

This is one of the top 7 Wonders of Dubai. This is the seven-star hotel that is very popular across the globe. This is equipped with the sky view bar, underwater restaurant and outdoor tennis court. These are just a drop in the ocean about this hotel. This is one of the marvelous wonders of Dubai and the widely photographed monuments globally. The design of this building is in the shape of the Arabian dhow ship. The height of the building is 321 meters. This is elucidated with the lights of fire and water to take its beauty to the next level. 

2. The Palm Islands

This is an artificial island and is the most prestigious development that is doe on the earth. This island is in the shape of the palm tree that is spread across 520 kilometers across the coastline. This is the man-made island and is known as the eighth wonder of the world. This marvels Dubai comprises of lavish hotels, beachside homes, water parks, marinas, entertainment centers, resorts and the Palm Jumeirah. 

This is the tallest and the man-made structure and is top 7 Wonders of Dubai. This stretches over 828 meters. This tower has the world highest mosque in the 158th floor. There is a world-class swimming pool on the 76th floor. You can enjoy the best view of the city from the 124th floor along with the fountain show. This is the best place for photographers to capture the monuments in the city. This is in the shape of a pyramid that has round 900 residences, offices and prestigious hotel called Armani. The fountain dances to the music that is played to the height of 150 meters in the air. This is a real visual treat that you should witness from this building. You can enjoy the mouth-watering dishes in a Japanese restaurant that is located in this tallest building.

4. Dubai Marina

This is the largest man-made marina globally and one of the amazing places in Dubai. There is an artificial canal that is constructed where the water would be flowing to the Persian Gulf from 3 km. This waterfront would offer shelter to many yachts and has a 7km walkway for pedestrians to enjoy the walk. There are a gamut of cafes, restaurants and coffee shops located on this Marina. This Marina is created to offer a vast public space that can accommodate over 1, 20,000 population. This is filled with residential skyscrapers and villas. This is an urban community where you can lead a lifestyle with a style.

5. Infinity Tower

This is the world's tallest skyscraper that has a twist to 90 degree. This is a unique high rise building that is twisted to 90 degrees from the foundation to the crown and this is 305 meters from the ground level. This is an 80 storey residential tower that gives an incredible view of the city from the roof. The amazing part about this marvels Dubai is that, there is not even a single pillar you find inside the building. 

This is one of the most amazing places in Dubai that is spread across a huge area. This has around 1200 retail stores, departmental stores and over 160 food and beverage outlets and many entertainment zones, which is visited by around 7, 50,000 people every week. This mall also has 250 luxury hotel and a big aquarium where you can enjoy witness thousands of marine species. There is an underwater zoo, with the biggest viewing panel. As you step out of the mall, you can enjoy the Dubai fountain water that dances when the music is played. 

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7. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

This is a five star hotel that is known for its architecture globally. This graces the skyline of Dubai with its wave like design. This is 93 meters high and 275 meters long. This 26 storey building is curvy on the plan and in elevation giving a stunning breaking wave. This is equipped with 20 restaurants, bars and a private beach giving access to the Wild Wadi Water Park.


You can take the next flight to visit the 7 Best Wonders of the Dubai. 

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