How To Live Like A Local In Romania

How To Live Like A Local In Romania

  Travelling is a great fun but sometimes it can also be stressful thinking about the ways to adjust in an alien country. Language, food, culture, currency and people: when everything around looks so different getting a bit skeptical is very normal. If you are reading this that means you are already a step closer to planning a magical trip of your life.Romania, the place of knowns be it culture, food, nature and luxury. There is something for everyone. If you are planning a trip to Romania then you are at the best place because this article is going to tell you what exactly do you need to know and do to live in Romania as a local.

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Here is a list for you - How To Live Like A Local In Romania

1. Know The Money


The first most important thing to know is the currency of Romania. You can not do here with Euros and the currency of Romania is called Lei or RON. You need to first go for the money exchange as you land or head to any of the bank so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and live in Romania as locals do.

2. When In Romania Do As Romanians Do


To have a full-fledged Romanian experience you must be ready to get on foot. Romanians are not afraid to walk a little extra. Every corner of the city has so much to offer that you cannot take the private vehicle to every corner. Make sure to carry comfortable shoes and get ready to be on move.

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3. Save Your Pennies


Romania is an affordable place and if you are not here for luxury you should remember that that normal price range of food and hotels ranges in very average price. Stay conscious and do not get conned. Because that is how you should live in Romania.

4. Get Involved In Art And History


There are so many ways that you can indulge in culture and history of Romania. The various monuments, architectural structures tell you so much about the magical place that you would definitely come back enlightened and full of love. Be willing to soak in the rich culture of Romania to make your trip a worthwhile.

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5. Do Not Be Afraid


Romania  is a really safe place so you don’t need to think twice before planning a trip to Romania. That means you can head out anytime, not need to think much about what to wear, just have a chilled out magical experience and live in Romania as locals.

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