European City Escapes: Cocooning In The Lap of Luxury within a Budget

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European City Escapes: Cocooning In The Lap of Luxury within a Budget

1. Lviv

This beautiful city, is located in the western part of Ukraine and is probably the cheapest option and also one of the most rewarding destination. Lviv is also considered to be one of the most charming and mysterious beauties of Eastern Europe. A visit to this destination would thrill any visitor reason being, Lviv is very cheap compared to other European counterparts. Ukraine is not a part of the European union so the prices are very low and could be afforded by any budget conscious visitor. If the sources are to be believed if you want to rent a room in Lviv you can get it with as little as ?10 and local beer in a bar is around ?1. Lviv would amaze you with its mind boggling monuments and city life.

Wroclaw is the cultural capital of Poland. The city of Wroclaw charms any traveller with its charming historical center, parks, good restaurants, hotels and of course hospitable people. Wroclaw, is indeed the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Poland. This quaint city is situated at the backdrop of the Sudety Moutains,and by the side flows the Odra River and this is truly an exceptional city of 12 islands and 112 bridges. A visit to Wroclaw and We were in a state of trance trying hard to gasp on a breadth of the early medieval aura. The reason behind it was the fabulous sacral architecture buildings in Europe. Apart from the splendid beauty Wroclaw enjoys both affordable costs of living and greets visitors with open arms and with a hospitable population. Here one can get a hostel accomodation around ?10 and for another ?10 you can fetch a decent meal with a drink, Wroclaw is indeed a cherished vacationing destination.

Things to do here - Gora, Wroclaw, Bielawa, Bogatynia, Boleslawiec,

3. Budapest

Budapest the capital city of Hungary has a some sort of magnetic quality which showcases in its environment that Budapest radiates. This city is peaceful and bustling, infact a big metropolis and yet friendly, Budapest is believed to treasure and cocoon the old and embraces the new. This is a place where history blends with the modern artifacts, for example the hills harmonize with the river Danube which flows through the city showcasing its glittering enchantment. See what it really looks like! So what is the wait all about explore Budapest right now . Choose from thousands of Panoramas of famous and secret places. This is truly an exotic destination in Europe though this destination is not that cheap but one can really go on a vacation to this place just shelling out between ?30 and ?40 a day. Budapest stuns you with its ancient Baroque architecture almost impossible to revive, excellent world heritage museums, marvellous landscapes by the side of majestic river Danube. This city is so enchanting, just as it has come just bathed from a fairy tale. Well, how can we forget the best part of the trip- ofcourse the wine tours and cheap food. Budapest is renowned for its spa tours with its thermal spa centres.

Things to do here - Tab, Tata, God, Budapest, Erd,

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4. Prague 5.0 

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. This beautiful European destination is cherished for being the diamond in the crown of central Europe as this is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Prague has huge tourism which acts as a driving force. This charming city is nestled in the heart of the European Continent. Truly, Prague bustles with an energy with that glorifies tourism to a new height. Few could believe to that this city showcases the manifestations of 12th century old town square. Prague is a real treat to travellers from all over the world. Prague is renowned of owning some of the most extensive collections of art and culture in the world. The most thronged after tourist places in Prague are the Bertramka Mozart Museum, Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Dancing House just to name a few. Though this city has that special charm and an unleashing beauty as compared to any European destination but the prices are comparatively very low. Just you need to be a bit cautious while bargaining for things in Prague. Well, Hostel accommodation is between ?10 and ?15, and you just need to pay around ?15 for a nice restaurant meal. Therefore it is very easy to get a budget tour in Prague. Believe us! After hearing so much you just need to pack your knapsacks and it is up, up and away to these lands.

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