Happiest Cities In The World

Happiest Cities In The World

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Here is a list for you - Happiest Cities In The World

1. Copenhagen

- Also known as "The Happy Capital", Copenhagen gets consistently ranked as the happiest city in the world.
- People spend a lot of free time in pursuing interests and with family, thus boosting overall life satisfaction.
- Citizens of Copenhagen admit to trusting friends and people in general leading to more cooperation and happier living.
- A visit to the Tivoli Gardens is in every traveler's to-do list.
- Created in 1843, the garden has various options for a tourist.
- People can ride a roller coaster, watch spending fireworks, attend music concerts or just absorb the scenic wonderland beauty of the place.
- Denmark's National Museum or Nationalmuseet is the place to visit to study Denmark's history.
- On display at Nationamuseet are tools from the stone age, ancient jewelry, Viking weapons and a Sun chariot made 3500 years ago.
- Castles Tour in and around Denmark will interest history enthusiasts and architecture students..
- Christiania is a now-legalized settlement and is visited regularly to witness the alternative lifestyle and culture.


2. Rio de Janeiro

- Rio de Janeiro is the Carnival City of the world and the most visited city in Brazil.
- A plethora of outdoor activities and a perpetual carnival like atmosphere make it one of the happiest cities in the world.
- Various beaches and cultural attractions make people rate it high on happiness index.
- Ipanema Beach is a popular tourist spot not just for the clean sand and water but also because of the various cultures one can observe on the beach.
- The beach has posts that delineate different sections occupied by people ranging from surfers and sports enthusiasts to hippies and gays.
- Though inviting, the water can be dangerous to swim because of undercurrents and waves.
- The statue of Christ the Redeemer or Cristo Redentor is the famous image of Rio.
- This 38m tall statue is placed on top of mount Corcovado and weighs 1145 tons Once can use the train or a bus to reach the top of the mountain.
- Copacabana is a popular beach bustling with activity from tourists and locals.
- Just like Ipanema, the beach is clearly divided among different cultures and is a must visit.

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3. Sydney

- Located in one of the happiest countries in the world, Sydney is popular for its friendly locals and outdoorsy nature.
- The place offers a lot of options to pursue different activities and hobbies, which make the city a happy city.
- Pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes is an important factor that leads to happiness of its residents.
- The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the famous landmark of the city, visited by locals and tourists alike.
- Weighing at 53,000 tons, the bridge is 134m high, 502m long, and 49m wide.
- There are various activities to do around it, sailing, rollerblading or just walking under the clear, beautiful skies.
- The Royal Botanic Garden, established in 1816, is a vast picnic spot for people to hang out amidst nature.
- Besides the well maintained lawns and walking tracks, the Garden includes South Pacific plant collection, rose garden, arid garden and a lot of flora and fauna.
- Sydney Opera House is the most recognized structure of the city around the world.
- It has 6 auditoriums that stage opera, theater, concerts and dance programs regularly.
- Every year at least 2400 events are organized at the Sydney Opera House.

4. Amsterdam

- Netherlands in general, and Amsterdam in particular excel in work-life balance, leading to happier lives.
- All the financial and professional benefits of a capital city but the vibe of countryside make Amsterdam a preferred place for many expats.
- Popular for its Marijuana district, there are a lot of places to visit in Amsterdam.
- The Van Gogh Museum is a must see; it displays 200 paintings and 500 drawings by the legendary Vincent Van Gogh and many of his famous contemporaries like Monet, and Ganguin.
- The museum also has personal belongings of Van Gogh.
- Vondelpark is full of ponds, lawns, and walking and biking lanes.
- People can read, meet friends, have a beer or just idly sit around enjoying the park.
- Anne Frank Huis preserves the actual diary of Anne Frank that she wrote while hiding from the Nazis from 1942 to 1944.
- The place has the reconstructed bedroom and the dark achterhuis where Anne and her brothers hid in the day time.

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5. San Francisco

- San Francisco is the only American city to feature in the list of happiest cities.
- A variety of factors like amusement opportunities, places to visit, cultural attractions, and outdoor locations make it a happy city.
- The Golden Gate Bridge is the structure that defines San Francisco to the world.
- The bridge gives a fantastic view of the city from either ends and looks intimidating when seen from the ferries below.
- Alcatraz is famous as the prison of Al Capone, the famous gangster.
- Located in the San Francisco Bay, 'The Rock' was considered escape-proof and various guided tours to the place narrate the history of this holding pen.
- Pier-39 at the Fisherman's Wharf has become a major tourist attraction in San Francisco.
- There are various shops and restaurants by the bay, and one can see many Sea-Lions just sitting and playing at the banks.

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