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Free and cheap things to do in Pattaya

Free and cheap things to do in Pattaya


Generally when someone talks about the  word “Pattaya” , We get the vision of light, party , late night show, ladyboys and what not . However this is not even close to what people can get to experience that too on miser budgets. Whenever someone visits Pattaya  they reach there with some other image but if they checkout the list below they can recreate the image of  “Real Pattaya “ altogether 

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1. Pattaya Night bazaar


Entry is free , you will get to experience culture , technology , gifts  mostly latest in technology and art  , at the costs which are cheaper than anywhere else , however its highly recommended to do some bargaining.  Thailand is a country  where you can get quality products at correct prices . We also recommend you to get some souvenirs from this market.

2. Walking Street


Across 500 Meters long this street gets vehicle free post 6 pm onwards. You get to experience best of lights and music from this street . If you are single and want to experience how dating works this place is the right platform to make you graduate. This place breeds fascination.  The bars, night clubs and  services that you cannot imagine so commonly available anywhere else.  This place stay vibrant whole night  but we highly recommend you to stay alert from scammers and pickpockets.

3. Pattaya Floating Market


This is one of the most unique experience that is exclusive to this place , if you even visit Thailand for few days , we highly recommend you to visit this place. You will basically float through in between fresh fruits, fish and vegetable sellers . Taking a ride through the surge and crowded flourishing market gives us a depiction of Real Thailand life.

4. Jomtien Beach


Visit this beach for its beauty during daytime and go during late nights for its exclusive night market. A more settled and lovely approach to go through the night in the city. This market has a wide scope of choices, trinket stores and street stalls all along the ocean. It is somewhat expensive to shop, than other night markets. The cool sea air sets the ideal temperament for a quality time with companions or family.

5. Central Marina


Central Marina has as of late experienced redesign and now the shopping center is isolated into segments. The front building houses a monstrous food court,The food court serves Japanese, Italian, Thai and western sustenance. We attempted Thai noodles and BBQ fish.  the second building has a Big Supermarket. There are additionally bistros and a couple of brand stores of Thai root. The inside of the shopping center presently looks more lovely than previously.

6. Pattaya City Sign Viewpoint


Get to experience the most beautiful and serene view from here. I wouldn't prescribe it on an insane hot day, however it will be amazing to stay here and remain till the night. The view from the sign is astounding! I had a little excursion here with sandwiches and a few beverages while taking a rest and viewing the sunset and nightfall.
We also recommend following places that are cheaper to visit like Big Buddha,Tukkom Pattaya,Watchai Mogkon,Royal Garden Plaza,Lankua Nakluea Market,Kombat Group Thailand,The Sanctuary of truth,Art in Paradise, Mermaids dive center,Pattaya sheep farm,
Mini siam and Mini Europe, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden and Saint Nikolaus Church.

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