Foods of Gokarna - 5 dishes of Gokarna cuisine that you must try when you visit Gokarna

Foods of Gokarna - 5 dishes of Gokarna cuisine that you must try when you visit Gokarna

The food options play a vital role for the tourists to plan their journey to a particular place. This is the reason why a wide variety of cuisines and Non-veg and vegetarian food attract a different set of guests. Gokarna is based on some most beautiful beaches in India and it is a hidden gem which has started gaining its shine over the period. They are witnessing not only domestic tourism hike however international guest is also frequenting the place. Being near to the sea, seafood has developed as one of the prime ingredients in the local cuisine. Apart from that, there is a variety of cuisines available in the town North Indian, South Indian, Asian, International, Italian, French, Israeli, are ones among the famous ones. Guests will find both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food options to enjoy. Guests can taste the most authentic cuisines of Gokarna.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Gokarna - 5 dishes of Gokarna cuisine that you must try when you visit Gokarna

1. Patrode

It is a vegetarian delight from the kitchen of Gokarna. It is normally being served in breakfast. There are some other versions of the same dish prepared in different part fo the country. The main ingredient for this dish is the colocasia leaves are first washed properly and then steamed, rice is grind to convert to the flour. Then these leaves are stuffed with rice flour along with flavours added to the raw material like tamarind, spices as per taste and jaggery. Then, these leaves are folded post applying the batter and steamed or fried as per one's choice. This yummy dish is served hot with butter or desi ghee. This is a unique dish and everyone must it.

2. Todadevu

This another healthy dish from the coastal Gokarna region. This dish is made from the juice of Konana Katte cane which is used a batter. In the process, the juice is poured with the help of a piece of cloth dipped in the batter and same placed on the hot upturned earthen pot in a cross like a pattern. Once the batter begins to dry because of the low heat of the vessel the dosa alike thing is prepared then folded gradually before it is served on your plate hot along with milk or ghee. The dish is truly delicious along with being healthy as well.

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3. Clam curry

This is an awesome dish for the seafood lovers aiming to visit Gokarna. The flavours of the dish can rejoice with lemongrass and fresh herbs. The star ingredient for this dish is clams. They are cleaned properly and then it is placed in a vessel along with coconut milk and add some lemongrass and other spices to enhance the flavour of the curry. Post that this splendid dish is served along with bread or steamed rice on your plate to enjoy.

4. Prawn Masala

Prawn Masala

This is one of the most loved seafood dishes from Gokarna. The dish is prepared with prawns being the star of the dish with the use of chillies, curry leaves, spices to enhance the flavours. The marinated prawns are shallow fried with onion before it is served hot on your plate. This dish is loved alike by both Indian guests as well as international ones.

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5. Seer Fish Fry

This is among the simple dishes yet delightful to the guests. Once the seer fish is cleaned, the use to chillies, Garam Malasa, ginger garlic paste and other spices is applied on fish and kept to marinate for some time. Post that marinated fishes are shallow fried and once perfectly cooked dish is ready to be served on your plate. It has got magnetic aroma and it is a complete flavourful dish. This is another dish from the kitchen of Gokarna which would be mouthwatering for the seafood lovers.

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