Foods of Badrinath - 5 dishes of Badrinath cuisine you must try when you visit Badrinath

Foods of Badrinath - 5 dishes of Badrinath cuisine you must try when you visit Badrinath

While gathering pieces of information and planning for a trip to Badrinath it is natural to know about some important foods available in the city. Badrinath is not only a spiritual heaven but it is also a comfortable place to stay in the Garhwal range of Himalayas offering a warm welcome to the visitors. The tourist's arrival from different parts of India or abroad are satisfied with the variety of dishes from different areas of Uttarakhand and the mouthwatering Garhwali special foods. The food not only promises to be delicious but attention is paid to hygiene also. Following are the most popular foods offer at this tourist destination.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Badrinath - 5 dishes of Badrinath cuisine you must try when you visit Badrinath

1. Phaanu

This dish is a kind of a pancake. It is maid by variety of lentils like gahat and riki etc. These lentils are soaked in warm waters for at least four to five hours. The dish is made in two parts one is the pancake itself and the other is the gravy which is served with the pancakes. The paste of the lentils is used for the pancakes as well as the preparation of the gravy. Natural butter, local spices, and tomatoes are used to make gravy colourful and special. It is very popular amongst all the tourists.

2. Kafuli

This is a typical Garhwali preparation in Badrinath. All the restaurants in badrinath serve it because of its vast popularity. To prepare it fresh leave of spinach and maithi are boiled together and they are then mashed and a variety of spices is added to them the mixture then is cooked with rice powder which gives it a crunchy feeling. This dish is unique as it is not only taste but also very healthy. Tourists prefer it for the reason that there is an instant boost in the energy level after taking this. Tourist prefers to get it packed while going for a trekking or climbing expedition. 

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3. Thechwani

This is another dish which is known not only for its taste but also as an energy booster in Badrinath. The basic ingredients of this dish are the mountain radish and potatoes. The both are boiled and crushed. After this, they are fried with some raw spices like garlic, cumin, and coriander. The outcome is mouth-watering with the flavour of the raw spices and garlic. It is said that dish is greatly improve s the circulation of the blood in zero degree temperature. 

4. Baadi

This dish is never consumed singularly it is usually taken with phaanu. It is prepared by mixing the flour Kwada or Choon with hot water. The mixture is then cooked sometimes in its original form and sometimes by adding salt and black pepper to it. Mostly a layer of fresh butter is spread over it to enhance its taste one or two Baadi is sufficient for the completion of a food meal. Most of the tourist prefer to order the butter Baadi and taste it with the Chinese Manchurian.

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5. Chain soup

This dish is prepared from black lentils and black grains. These grains are roasted on a makeshift burner than they grind it using a stone. After that spices are added into the ground material prepared and then it is cooked this dish is eaten in the company of other local vegetables having rich gravy. It is so popular that it is served in the big hotels a swell as the roadside Dhabas. People are usually curious about the ingredients of this dish and take the recipe back with them to the home kitchens. This dish also is used in various langars held in the premises of the Badrinath temple.

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