Famous Snacks Of Berlin Platters Worth Trying

Famous Snacks Of Berlin Platters Worth Trying

Mouthwatering dishes/snacks are something that all look out for and worth trying while travelling. In Berlin, famous snacks offers exciting array of taste to travellers coming from across the world

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Here is a list for you - Famous Snacks Of Berlin Platters Worth Trying

1. Currywurst


While roaming down the streets of Germany, if you are puzzled about what dish/snack to try then start your treat with mouth-watering Currywurst. This is one of the most famous and demanded eatable item in Germany with sliced pork sausage served in combination with curry sauce. Chopped meat forms the key ingredients of this cuisine and the sauce is generally the mixture of tomato ketchup along with curry powder. If you really want to enjoy the real taste of Germany then don't forget to hog on this delicious diet, which is a real corner of taste.

2. German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad

German potato salad is a perfect blend of vinegar, sugar and water, which is garnished beautifully with bacons and onions. As you will consume this salad, flavours of onion, vinegar and bacon will roll down your taste buds and you will enjoy an extremely tasty meal. For those who have taste for potatoes and want to experiment with something different, they can go for this innovative edible. Earlier the salad was served in a simple manner, which was later improvised with other spices. This addition worked well in enhancing the taste of entire salad, which has now become the favourite of every visitor.

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3. Berliner Doughnut

Berliner Doughnut

If you are out to picnic or on a tour then Berliner Doughnut, a Berlin cuisine can serve you well. It can turn out to be a yummy meal for you as well as your friend, who will not only satisfy your hunger but will also give you a great pleasure. Commonly known as Berliners in Germany, this delicious concoction is referred to as pfannkuchen by local residents of Berlin. It constitutes jelly, jam or custard cream flavour that is wrapped up in a soft dough. So, if you really want to add flavour to your picnic then don't forget to pack Berliner Doughnut for your trip.

4. Bouletten and Berliner Weisse

Bouletten and Berliner Weisse

If you are sharing a hot sunny summer with your friends then a Bouletten accompanied with Berliner Weisse can add well to the environment. The main attraction in the list of drinks, Berliner Weisse is a liquid beer, which contains a minute amount of 2.8% alcoholic flavor. The drink is cherished by every tourist of Berlin, which is served in combination of raspberry or woodruff syrup. You may also enjoy these famous snacks of Berlin in other countries as well. You just need to find the right place to enjoy the platter which is worth trying.

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