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Exploring Varanasi In Your Own Khaike Paan Banaraswala Istyle

Exploring Varanasi In Your Own Khaike Paan Banaraswala Istyle


Varanasi is the oldest Indian city, sometimes mentioned in the holy Vedas as the city which was constructed by the gods themselves. It is the city of silk and Ghats with plenty of plethoras to drench in and feel the adrenal rush, let us see some of the activities and the places to indulge in. 

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1. Ghat Visit


Built by Balaji Bala Roa in 1778 this remind you of Allahabad’s Prayag with multiple small groups of priest performing the rituals and multiple tents on the Ghats where millions of devotees are gathered for evening art and the holy dip in the river gangs. This is one the busiest ghat of Varanasi which never sleeps and there is overflow of the emotions in the air of this pace. 

2. Ganga Arti


One of the oldest Ghats of India this is the prime attraction of tourist both national and international. the main attraction of the ghat is the extended Ganga Arti performed with more than hundred of pundits dressed synchronizing in saffron color performing dances etc. people offer their love to the Ganga by lightening the diyas on the shores. This ghat has the mythological significance too.

3. Temples Delight At Kashivishwanath


Build in 1830 by ahilyabai holker queen of Indore. This temple has two golden temples with Lord Shiva jyotirlinga named Vishwanathan. Soak in the religious aroma and find the tranquility for yourself. The spiritual ambiance all around the temple is soul-cleansing and definitely worth your visit.


Many other old ancient archeological temples are also present like Durga temple, Annapurna temple, kalbhairav temple, tulsi temple and our own bharta Mata temple.


4. Sari Mohan Village


Varanasi is famous all around the globe for its most intruding weaving and saris works, workers are well known for their art and hard work and creating an international masterpiece. Zari work and silk weaving are famous in sari Mohan village which sometimes takes up to months to complete. Various tours of such villages are available where you can get the inside look for the work and spend your day with the immersion in the craftsmanship there. You can ask for your own customized piece of cloth weaving at a nominal cost.

5. Fulfill Your Shopping Thirst


Shopping is a great way to explore the city and collect the souvenir to gift. The city is widely famous for its silk saris jewelry and idols of gods. Ditch up the mall culture and try visiting the local market to explore the excitement of colors, love, and pattern and beautiful design.


The Vishwanath Lane, Thateri Bazaar, Chowk and Godowilia are the best places to explore things famous to buy before leaving.

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