Enjoy An Adventurous Ropeway Trip From Mumbai To Elephanta Cave In Just 40 Minutes

Enjoy An Adventurous Ropeway Trip From Mumbai To Elephanta Cave In Just 40 Minutes

  Elephanta Caves are a lovely historical wonder placed near Mumbai. Every person who lives in Mumbai or has ever visited the metropolitan of Bollywood will be surely aware of Elephanta Caves. Elephanta caves are the attractive caves with some beautiful rock art devoted to Lord Shiva and are situated on an island nearly 10 kilometers far from Mumbai. This ropeway might be constructed over the Arabian Sea, as a result making it the first over-the-ocean ropeway of the country.  Mumbai is the commercial capital and artistic hub of India is coming up with the extended ropeway of the country. First, of its kind, This ropeway over the sea will be about 8km long and will attach Mumbai to the beautiful Elephanta Island in the Arabian Sea.   Roaming from the ropeway has constantly been taken into consideration an exciting ride and once when the cable car is crossing over the sea its pleasure gets doubled.  Elephanta Caves will soon be a fast 40-minute journey. It is the country’s first ropeway over the sea which will attach Mumbai’s mainland with Elephanta Island, across a distance of 8 kms. The Elephanta Island is the location of the wonderful Elephanta caves, which contains attractive statues, sculptures, and a temple to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.    The Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is known for its architectural splendor and archaeological importance. Elephanta Caves are rock-cut art and architecture from the periods of medieval India.  The Elephanta Caves hold rock cut stone monuments which shows syncretism of Hindu and Buddhist ideas and iconography.  

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Here is a list for you - Enjoy An Adventurous Ropeway Trip From Mumbai To Elephanta Cave In Just 40 Minutes

1. Elephanta Caves Tours


The Elephanta Caves are one of the most attractive, historically significant attractions located in Mumbai. 
The Basics-

There are two groups of caves at the place: one presenting five caves dedicated to Hindu gods, and a second group with two Buddhist monuments. 

Travel Tips for Visitors- 

1- If you are planning a visit to this beautiful site, you must remember a few points

2- The best time to visit the cave is during the morning hours.

3- The Elephanta cave is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

4- The island is full of monkeys. Therefore be careful of monkeys, mainly on the stairs.

5- Wear comfortable shoes, carry water to keep yourself hydrated.

6- Those who are interested in history, art, or religion, must visit Elephanta Caves.


Cave Details
The Main Cave or Cave-I – It is known as the Shiva Cave-I 

Shiva as Mahayogi – Here lord Shiva is to be found in a yogic posture. 

Uma Mahesvara – Murti of Lord Shiva and Sakti are releases of the undivided absolute.


Ardhanarisvara-Murti - This is the form of Shiva as half man and half woman 

Nrittamurti Shiva – Here Shiva is proclaimed as the Nataraja, or king of dance.


Highlights of Tour:


1. Visit the Elephanta Caves; a UNESCO World Heritage site, available from the Gateway of India

2. It is an amusing journey to the caves, giving knowledge about features and the story behind.

3. To help in the tour an English speaking guide will be available.

4. Tasty local berries are sold on the island at a reasonable price.

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