Eateries Older than 100 Years.... Hard to Believe !!

Eateries Older than 100 Years.... Hard to Believe !!

As wine gets better with age, time gives a bit of richness and adds credibility to any establishment. There are many restaurants or eateries in India which claim quality and a list of clientele that is very long. But, the ones which can link their credibility with age are the ones which are more special. We bring to you some such rare Eateries Older than 100 Years. Hard to believe but yet they are there!

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Here is a list for you - Eateries Older than 100 Years.... Hard to Believe !!

1. Karim's

Established in 1913, in the center of Chandni Chowk and close to Jama Masjid, this place is history at its best and surrounded with history. Blessed with knowledge of secret recipes for delicious Mughlai food passed down from generations, Hazi Kareemudin established a modest eatery which has a reputation and aura not many can match now. It started off with nothing but a 2-course menu: aloo ghost (mutton and potatoes) and dal but now boasts of a variety of mouth-watering dishes which an increasingly varied crowd enjoys. 

2. Allen's Kitchen

Kolkata in itself is a city full of culture, tradition and history. Allen's Kitchen symbolizes all these and more and is thus a representative of the city and its history. It is a proud establishment in the culinary landscape of Kolkata. The restaurant is over 132 years old and was founded by Mr. Jibonkrishna Saha. It has stayed in the same family too, being run by 4-th generation Sahas. The aesthetics of the place are not that great but one bite of the prawn or fish cutlet will make you forget that. Affordable yet delicious food is their mantra. They only operate between 4 and 9 pm though and a sitting place is not easy to find! The eatery is best known for its Fried Snacks. 

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3. Glenary's Restaurant, Darjeeling

Deserving of its pride in a 100-year-old history, this place still retains its old-world charm. The aesthetics and the flavor reflect this eateries fame perfectly. Well known for its baking skills, do not miss out on their baked delicacies. When here, please go for its fresh n' stewy apple pies to the hot, sticky cinnamon buns. Also, the restaurant's variety of sizzlers and meat pies are some other must go for food choices. And, with anything you have, please do have a cup of Darjeeling tea to add to the flavor. This eatery is best known for its list of sales since the first day the restaurant was operational. They did business worth Rs. 369 on that first day.

4. Leopold Cafe in Mumbai

Established in 1871, Leopold Cafe (better known as Leo's) is one of Mumbai's oldest. The versatile crowd and the expansive menu both take your breath away. It has had modest beginnings but now has just about every cuisine under the sun, from Chinese to Italian to Indian, you name it and you can have it. The Leopold special vegetarian pasta, red pepper chicken, prawn chilli and soya wine chicken are the most frequently ordered dishes according to patrons but there are plenty of other great things to order. It is best known for being a shrine as well as a literary destination.

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