Best Waterfalls in Poland Which You Must Not Miss

Best Waterfalls in Poland Which You Must Not Miss


Poland ranks very high in every tourist's list as the country offers a lot of getaways for everyone. Whether a tour is needed to unwind from the daily grind of life or to enjoy some neat Vodka in a beautiful locale, Poland offers all. For nature lovers too, Poland offers some scenic destinations in the form of exquisite waterfalls that are mostly concentrated in the country's south. People who love visiting these water bodies can surely have a pleasant time viewing them in different areas. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular waterfalls of Poland which can be visited on a tour to the country.  

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Here is a list for you - Best Waterfalls in Poland Which You Must Not Miss

1. Kamienczyk Waterfall


The fall is located on the western side of the country in Szklarska Poreba on the border with the Czech Republic. Reaching the place may not be very easy for everyone but while traveling through the Canyon to reach the waterfall, one can surely have a delightful walk. The place is all covered in lush green vegetation and it still has a rustic feeling all about it. Tourists have to buy a ticket here to enter the national forest. 

However, while climbing up, one must watch out as the steps can be dangerously slippery due to water or snow being present. Anyway, once at the top, the whole journey can be quite rewarding due to the splendid view that can be seen from there. What's more, there's also a small cafe on the top and one can always enjoy the view while gorging on ice cream!

2. Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza


This waterfall is located on the southern part of the country in the Tatra National Park on the border with Slovakia. One can hear the sound of this waterfall from a distance itself but compared to other falls, it is only a small waterfall. However, the fall is very beautiful and photogenic and no tourist visiting it for the first time will be disappointed to see it. The waterfall is situated at about half an hour walking distance from the Palenica Białczańska car park and hence it can be very easy to reach the top spot from where the fall can be seen easily. However, the place can be crowded during the peak season and therefore arrangements must be made accordingly. 

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3. Wodospad Szklarki


This waterfall is situated on the south-western part of the country in Piechowice bordering the Czech Republic and is also a frequented place by many tourists. There are two ways to enter the top of the fall, either by taking a 6PLN ticket or going for a hiking trail. The second option can be more attractive for any adventure enthusiast as the forest environment can be seen on the way and the Karkonosze mountains can also be seen from up close. However, if there are kids or older age people accompanying, the first option can be more suitable for a visit. Getting to the top can be quite exhilarating although it may not be as majestic as the Kamienczyk falls!

4. Siklawica Waterfall


This waterfall in Zakopane on the Slovakia border is very much visited by a lot of tourists due to its sheer beauty. From the midtown, it is hardly at a motorable distance of 15 to 25 minutes. The rocky path to the top of the fall is very much accessible and anyone can climb it easily, including kids. The entrance to the national park costs PLN 5 pp but that is something quite cheap considering the view that is there from its top. 

There are also cable cars that are available inside which can take a tourist directly to the top of the fall although, during the peak season, there can be a lot of rush for them. Anyway, once a visitor makes it to the top, all stress and tiredness can just melt away after looking at the exotic scene from there.

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5. Wodospad w Sopotni Wielkiej


The Wodospad Wielkiej falls is in a small village called Sopotnia Wielka in the country's south bordering Slovakia and is completely a tourist's fantasy. It is a very beautiful fall considering the environment that it is situated in. It is not a very high waterfall but the width is considerable that make it so much attractive. Unlike other waterfalls, it can easily be accessed because as a visitor crosses the village Sopotnia Wielka, a trail starts running from there on parallel to the river till one reaches the fall! 

The south and south-western part of the country is dotted with some picturesque waterfalls as can be seen over here. There are also some other wonderful places in these areas and a plan can be made to see all of them together on a trip.

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