Best Places To See In Spain

Best Places To See In Spain

  A nation that oozes beauty and style, Spain is a lovely destination for all types of travellers. If you want to visit a destination that has it all, then Spain is perhaps the best place. Spain's incredible landscape twinning with unforgettable cultural feast makes it a traveller's paradise. Then there is Spanish football with giants such as Real Madrid and Barcelona making their mark in the hearts of football fans across the world. Whatever your preference may be, Spain has it. Here's a look at top places to visit in Spain.   

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Here is a list for you - Best Places To See In Spain

1. Madrid


The capital of Spain, Madrid is a city of great fun. It's museums are home to to some of the most formidable art works, including that of Picasso. Spain also has numerous pubs and a nightlife that can rival the nightlife of major cities. If you are a football fan, this could be your chance to catch a Real Madrid match, or maybe even an El Clásico! 

2. Barcelona


Second on our list is the Spanish city of Barcelona. Yet another name that is associated with football, and legendary player Lionel Messi. But it is one of the favourite cities among travellers because of its incredible architecture. The Tibidabo Amusement Park is a very popular spot for rides, and is also a great option for hiking and cycling. 

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3. San Sebastian


Known as one of the greatest dining destinations in the world, San Sebastian is a paradise for all things classy. The city is also known for its numerous cultural events, and of course the coastline makes it every bit romantic. The bottom line is that in this city you will never be bored. Club all this with stunning vistas, and you have a holiday destination that can make every head turn. 

4. Seville


If you want to take a walk back in time, come to Seville. It's old winding lanes are full of stories from an illustrious past, and then there is the stunning old buildings, including the grand old Gothic cathedral that draws numerous tourists each year. Seville is also popular for flamenco dance, so this is something you are sure to see here. One of the prime attractions of the city is Alcazar castle complex. 

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5. Palma de Mallorca


Dating all the way back to the 13th century, and even further back to the Moors and Roman people, Palma is nothing short of a majestic city. It is a resort city that boasts a treasure trove of historical sights, you will find yourself enamoured by its romanticism. 

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