Carnival In Port Of Spain: Rocking All The Way To Trinidad 

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Carnival In Port Of Spain: Rocking All The Way To Trinidad

Apart from the carnivals of Brazil there is yet another place which boasts of a carnival attracting tourists worldwide. You guessed it right! Port of Spain in Trinidad is one such place in the whole of the Earth which leaves enthusiasts from all over the world spellbound counting for the D- day. Carnival in Port of Spain in Trinidad is really an event which mesmerises the crowd and retains the hangover for a long time.


The Goosebumps in the belly goes more and wilder once you land on the streets of port of Spain. Why? It is carnival time folks. The street of Port of Spain is all decked up for the best parties on Earth. Trinidad has always attracted investment from different countries as it is a hub of Oil & Gas reserves. But today all the hotels and streets are decked up for the Carnival Tuesday and everyone in the island is in a party mood.

One would forget Rio and New Orleans as the real carnival thrill happens in the Port of Spain which is one of the Caribbean's southernmost islands. And i bet you the grandeur and pomp of the carnival of Port of Spain in Trinidad is nowhere to be found. Being a part of this carnival is very much captivating and a thrill. The whole of Trinidad goes into a state of trance during the carnival fiesta and no-one dares to miss the carnival party. The carnival fever in Trinidad goes on for five days. The main event begins on the Friday before carnival Tuesday. The Soca monarch competition is held on Friday night.

The fast thudding beat of Soca music is the lifeline and pronounced the heart beat of the carnival fiesta. It is this peppy music with drumbeats which keeps going the foot tapping dances on the streets for two solid days. Well has anyone ever guessed that from where has this musical thriller? Arrow Hot.  Arrived which really makes us groove to the dance number. The answer is that this is a Soca tune.

Visitors and tourists can always watch live or head to the nearest bar with a big screen to be a part of the blasting sound systems and rocking music. Saturday night is the best of all as bands from all over Trinidad and Tobago participate in the finals in the Port of Spain. It is a magical experience as one watches performers of all age groups with sounds of hundreds of steel pans at the backdrop. Sunday is more about thrill and competition to see who will be crowned the king and the queen of the carnival.

Trinidad's carnival is best known for its themed costumes which really create a hue and cry once they are being worn by artists. One is lucky enough if ever got the chance to visit a camp where these costumes are made especially on kitchen tables, backyards of houses, sequins, feathers and even metals such a copper. Tuesday is infect the D - day. The band is in full costume carrying steel pan bands and the loud roaring’s of Soca tunes move via the carnival route. Truly, a carnival trip to Trinidad is the ultimate trophy for real holidayers.

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