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Best cafes in Badrinath – 6 most popular restaurants in Badrinath

Best cafes in Badrinath – 6 most popular restaurants in Badrinath

Badrinath holds a special place in the hearts of the tourists because of its physical, geographical features, and apart from it the way it facilitates the traveller for a memorable and continent experience. The first view of the city cradled between the Nar and Narayan mountains in the Garhwal Himalayas mesmerizes the thrilled traveller Badrinath city is unique in the sense that on one side it provides peace to the city ruffled souls on the other side it thrills the sensations. It seems to be the favourite child of the Himalayas welcoming the tourist by a touching vista of natural beauty in the shape of deciduous forests, terrains, blue mountain peaks, and silver lakes. While travelling on the route to Badrinath the traveller encounters many magical points there is no doubt that the route is risky what with sharp bends and curves but it is all softened by natural beauty as if smiling and beckoning the nervous traveller to be apart of its magnificence. There is an option to stay either facilitated hotels or taste the freedom of nature by camping in open every single experience big or small thrill unparalleled anywhere else. The traveller on one side can feel the mysticism of nature surrounding him on the other he also has all the facilities for a convenient stay. An important issue in the mind of every traveller is which restaurants and cafes should be visited during the stay at Badrinath. The following are some of the most popular restaurants and cafes amongst the regular travellers are.

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1. Auli food plaza

This wonderful plaza is located in Auli. Where the traveller not only gets north Indian but south Indian dishes also it is 22kilometers from the Joshimath it is rated as one of the best restaurants by the travellers. Situated on the snowy slopes the restaurant is very convenient for the tourist out to enjoy the skill of skying on the slopes it also offers many types of non-alcoholic beverages hot as well as cold it make the total experience of the visit to Auli extraordinary 

2. The Saket Restaurant

Saket is one name which is recommended by the experienced traveller to the first time traveller. It is situated on the route to Badrinath city in this restaurant the tourist can order dishes from the north as well as south India. The meals are affordable at reasonable prices the experience of sitting on the balcony of the hotel is simply out of this world. The meals here have a touch of special Garhwali recipes. The vegetarian has a huge variety to order from. One speciality of this restaurant is paratha with Chutni you can order Lachcha paratha or a stuffed tandoori paratha. The sizes such that it fills you up for hours and the taste is simply unforgettable.

3. Hotel View

This is situated 23 kilometres from Chamoli. The hotel building is surrounded by tall deodar trees and the stream Alaknanda river also follows the track to the hotel. This hotel has a reputation for serving good food and a variety of north Indian and Garhwali dishes. The dining area is decorated with many seasonal flowers. The tourist can have his meals with the sound of air passing through the tall trees and fragrance of seasonal flowers all around him. This hotel is particularly favourite of the foreign tourists as the rooms for accommodation are also decorated in the typical Indian culture style. 

4. The Sitting Elephant

This beautiful restaurant is situated at a distance of 17 kilometres from the Badrinath temple. It is favourite amongst the tourists going towards or coming from the visit of the Badrinath temple. The very first view of the restaurant is a delight for the tourist. There are beautiful balconies and edges were one can enjoy his meal or rest hours all the while getting the satisfaction of being apart of nature. It is simply decorated but there is no compromise with the quality of food and services to the travellers who came here to stay. Anyone who visits this hotel will certainly be recommended to his friends and relatives who are planning to visit Badrinath. 

5. Cafe power of thoughts

This café is unique as it is the only one which provides the best view of the Ganga of Rishikesh. This is situated at a distance of about 6 kilometres fro Badrinath temple. For the tourists, it provides the best opportunity to view the scenic beauty around the café. One is at the same time a part of Badrinath and also Rishikesh. The windows open out to a panorama of colours from green to blue, yellow, white, and orange. The café serves meals as well as snacks at all time of day and night its famous for coffee and hot lemon tea. The atmosphere is fully relaxing and provides comfort to the mind and soul of travellers. The cost is too reasonable and affordable to all who visit this wonderful café.

6. Cafe Amrit Ganga

Cafe Amrit Ganga

This is located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Badrinath temple. This is a popular destination for foreign tourists. The style of serving the food, the atmosphere and the welcome here is a delightful mixture of the Indian and Garhwal culture. This and the delicious north Indian vegetarian dishes attract the foreign tourists like a magnet. Apart from it the café also has a reputation for serving non-alcoholic exotic drinks. Most of the tourist rec emend that these drinks provide instant energy and refreshment to the tired travellers. The best thing is that you can order any north Indian dish and it is served promptly by café staff. You are also guides and small means of transportation by this café only. 

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