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Believe it or Not! A European Holiday with some Free of Cost Services

We never take the pain to calculate how much do we spend on chocolates, wine or transport. What if we give you a list of some best destinations of Europe which offer the travellers all these things for free and some more which we have hidden in our kitty. So come and see it for yourself.

Chocolates Served For Free

: Now that is something no one can ever think of! But this is a fact that endears Brussels to the travellers. Dark chocolates are the flavour of the town and many shops offer you free trials of the chocolates. Or you can relish a piece of them in the cafes where it is served as a complimentary item. For the milk chocolate lovers, the place to be is Switzerland that takes you on free tours and sample tasting.

Alcohol For Free

: Beer is one of the most popular and easily available alcoholic drink in Belgium. The Haacht Brewery in Belgium provides a free one-hour guided tour of their sprawling facility and a taste of one low and one high-fermentation beer. And for Brandy, the hot spot is France where Cognac flows everywhere.

Free Cheese to Taste

: A free visit to the Mont Combalou caves in France will lead you to the famous Roquefort Papillon blue cheese. On the other hand, in Netherlands, the renowned Henri Willing's cheese farm offers free tours and tastings of Gouda cheese.

Free Heritage Tour

: Most of the churches in Europe are free. A globetrotter can visit Westminster Abbey in London without much hassles. Same is the case with The Cathedral of Saint Paul and Peter in Czech Republic. When it comes to enjoying a museum trip for no charges, London leads the race. Three of the major museums there- British Museum, The National Gallery and the Natural History Museum don't take any bucks from the visitors. The other name that features here is the Musee du Petit Palais in France that is home to mementos that spans across many centuries.

Free Live Music Concerts

: With a place like Salzburg, Austria is a paradise for music lovers. Many concerts keep on enthralling this country around the year. Some very well reputed ones that occurs in the capital Vienna is open to all.

Transportation For Free

: Cycling is a fine mode of transport to explore some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Destinations like London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt and Copenhagen have their own system of hired cycles for tourists on a minimal charge.

Free Nature Exploration

: Gardens are not in the literal sense in Europe. They manifest many things and dons many roles as a outdoor community center and even an art exhibition. Few of such well known gardens can be found in Hungary?s Margaret Island, Amsterdam's Bloemenmarkt and the Glasgow Botanical Gardens.

Free Bike Tours:

One Can enroll themselves in free bike tours available through out Europe. One of the famous Bike Day Tour is near Versailles. The interesting point is the stoppage over the Grand Canal before visiting the King?s Chapel. Lets accept a fact, tourism is a major revenue generator in almost all the economies of the World. But every country has its own values and norms of hospitality, and that might be the reason why these countries have loosened the grip on the afore mentioned aspects. This is definitely an added attraction to your eternal urge of visiting Europe.

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