Adventure Junkies, you must visit Croatia

Adventure Junkies, you must visit Croatia

From the cultural trips to the perfect beach resorts, to the adventurous activities and some of the best beaches and islands Croatia offers a plethora of pleasant experiences to everyone who is seeking out for some real travel experiences . Filling out your travel diaries and checking off those items on the bucket list is a dream of every traveler and yes, especially when there are some adventurous activities to be done, you must certainly take a tour of Croatia because this is one such place which offers some real adrenaline rush activities to all those adventure junkies.    Here a list of some of the must-do activities to unleash that potential and experience some of the best adventurous activities in Croatia.  

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Here is a list for you - Adventure Junkies, you must visit Croatia

1. Paragliding

When you are in Croatia, you must certainly experience adventurous activities like Paragliding as there are a number of spots where this activity is being encouraged. As you breathe in the fresh air while taking-off you get to see the wild mountainous ranges of the Mount Biokovo, Tribalj and Lic. Also, the fresh aroma of the medicinal plants found in the mountains would fill the air as you descend from a very high altitude. Are you ready for this exciting activity? The activity is organized by Raspadalica Camp and you could always get yourself registered to perform one of the best adventurous activities in Croatia.

2. Rock Climbing

How about experiencing your Spider-Man skills without a web though? Yes, we are talking about the Rock climbing activity on the arduous mountains of Croatia. There are many spots in Croatia which makes it the right place to try this activity. Omis City and the Adriatic Sea are the best places for Rock Climbing and it easily takes about ninety minutes to climb 30 meters and that’s a pretty tough and challenging thing, isn’t it? The best adventurous place in Croatia for rock climbing is the limestone rocks in Paklenica National Park.  Climbing these rocks requires a lot of perseverance and determination along with a lot of will and courage.  

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3. Cliff Jumping

This is one of those rare activities which most of the adventure junkies would like to try at least once and cliff jumping is not as easy as it seems to be. Without any safety gear jumping off a cliff requires a lot of nerve and yes, Croatia is one of the countries where adventurous activities like these are offered. Well, this activity is generally conducted in the camps where a person is expected to jump from a height of 2metres to 10 meters and this activity is certainly not meant for the faint-hearted. 

4. White River Rafting

This is one of those adventurous activities which have to be tried in Croatia and especially at the Cetina River canyon. Amidst the rough paths comprising of a deep river, caves and rocks the entire rafting would easily take about three hours to complete. Taking laps in the wild river amidst the wild and unknown paths can be a pretty challenging one. The other places where river rafting in Croatia can be done are Mreznica, Dobra and Kupa. Zrmanja River is yet another popular spot for White River Rafting as it offers a total stretch of 69 km.

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5. Windsurfing

Some of the islands like Brac, Peluk, and Premantura, etc… are some of the destinations that offer Windsurfing. This is one of the most and popular and the best adventurous places in Croatia. Viganj is one of those places that are filled with windsurfers of all types. Usually, in the afternoons, Viganj offers the best speed hence, a lot of advanced windsurfers would be filled in this place. Local guides would be available in order to guide the surfers at the spots hence; it is safe to try them here. Surfing against the current and the high tides can be quite a thrilling experience and it is mandatory to try this activity while in Croatia. 

6. Cave exploration

If you are thinking if Croatia has Caving or not then, your answer to it is a Yes! Croatia is one of the best places for cave explorations and the Modrica Cave is one of the best adventure destinations for Caving.  There are a lot of caverns in Croatia but the best is this and the Modrica Caves is located just at a distance of 30km from Zadar. This is an amazing cave and is made up of some of the best rock formations and stalactites and stalagmites and it is about 829 mt long. This is one of the most challenging cave explorations because of the narrow passages and also the temperature. But, it is definitely worth the try! 


So, when you are in Croatia would you just lock yourselves up in a room or just go around and try some of the adventurous activities as listed above?

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