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A lot is happening in Rishikesh this March, details inside

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Rishikesh is a beautiful place which has a serene environment. This place has a lot to explore. People might have set an image that it is a religious town but it is something more than it. It has beautiful cafes and resorts where you can have quality food and chill.  So for the people who are planning a trip to Rishikesh this March, there are a number of activities which awaits you. Given below is a list of them.

River Rafting - Tapovan
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In the month of March Rishikesh experiences quite a pleasant weather. It is good to be there and moreover, you can practice river rafting there. Rishikesh and river rafting go hand in hand. Your trip to Rishikesh cannot be complete till the time you enjoy rafting in water.  There are three levels of rafting such as Basic, Standard, and Expert. You can try any of it provided you know how to do.

Camping and Bonfire - Rishikesh
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The month of March is regarded as an ideal month for camping and bonfire. The weather makes it happen in a better way. Every year in the month of March a number of camps are organized here which you can join. You can go for advance booking by checking on the internet and practice the activities such as trekking, bonfire etc.

Clif Surfing
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As Rishikesh it present at quite a height there are a number of Cliffs present there from where you can jump. It will be amazing to dive into the water from a cliff. This lifetime experience can be done in March as it's not too cold and not hot, so you can definitely opt for this water activity.

For the people who want to reach the peaks present there, the best adventure is rock climbing. Tied with a rope and using your force you climb rocks which is certainly great. When you go for this activity with your gang it will be great.

Ayurvedic Massages and Spa
ayurveda-priniciples_1520405230s50.jpg Photo by: harithasparishikesh

After doing a lot of adventure sports you must be tired, So the best thing to relax is by going for Ayurvedic Massage and Spa. They are available all around the year. You can go for a massage and relax your body. Even foot massage, the head spa is amazing there as they do it will certain kinds of oil which helps you to refresh your body.

Yoga and Meditation
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A trip to hill station cannot be regarded a complete one till you don't enjoy its beauty and fresh aroma. Going for yoga and meditation early in the morning will be a great activity is Rishikesh. During this time of the year whether in the early morning is quite good and enjoyable so going for this activity should be a must on your bucket list.

Thus, to conclude, in the month of March, Rishikesh opens almost all the activities for the visitors. So, it is a great time to go there and enjoy with your loved ones and make memories.

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