5 Tea Estates In Assam That Are a Little Paradise On Earth

5 Tea Estates In Assam That Are a Little Paradise On Earth

When we talk about tea gardens plus the natural beauty on earth then we cannot deny that Assam is the best place to visit. It is blessed with greenery in abundance and is one of the most amazing places to relax and refresh yourself. So given below is the list of five tea estates in Assam that are a little paradise on earth.

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Here is a list for you - 5 Tea Estates In Assam That Are a Little Paradise On Earth

1. Manohari Tea Estate

This tea estate is present since the British period and is situated in the upper region of Assam. It is 390 ft above sea level along the Indian-Burmese border. The estate covers an area of 1800 acres and around 1000 acres is covered with the tea bushes. When we talk about the richness of tea plus the aroma of tea leaves present there, it is unbeatable. It is also listed in the Assam tea garden directory.

2. Ghograjan Tea Estate

This tea garden was developed in the period of 1930’2 besides the Ghagra River. The name “Ghograjan” is derived from this river as it basically means “small river”. It covers an area of 350 acres. This tea estate has been quite important to people as it produces CTC and the finest Orthodox tea in the region.

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3. Mangalam Tea Estate

This tea estate is situated behind a wildlife sanctuary where a number of animals of rare species are present. It is located near the Towkok River. This tea estate covers an area of 117.99 hectares. The tea estate is a part of Towkok tea garden which was controlled by the Jayshree Tea industries in 1955. The tea estate is known for the good quality it serves and it has maintained the legacy of the same. Now it has started with the production of CTC and Orthodox tea.

4. Harmutty Tea Estate

This tea estate is situated in Lakhimpur.  The name of the tea estate is derived from the name of queen Hiramati and this is one of oldest tea estates situated in Assam. It dates back to 1870. The tea estate is settled at a beautiful location which just looks like a painting. The Dikrong river flows alongside the garden with a backdrop of the hills of Arunachal Pradesh. Strongly brewed high-quality tea leaves are produced by this tea estate which is quite relaxing.

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5. Beesakopie Tea Estate

This tea estate is situated in Tinsukia District in Assam. It is situated quite near to the Burmese border. It is the 3rd largest tea estate present in the country. The malty Assam tea manufactured who are involved in the process of making tea in this tea estate will give you a memorable tea experience. Locally, this tea estate is the owner of the largest tea factories in Assam. It is an amazing place to visit and get the special aroma of tea leaves. For the people who fall for tea, they must visit here to experience the best one.

Thus to conclude these are some of the amazing tea estates in Assam.

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