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4 Least Visited Countries in the World

Are you ready for unique trip that almost no one has done before you? Gleaming beaches, crystal clear waters, unspoiled culture and no crowds - Explore the 5 least-visited countries in the world

TUVALU 4.5 ★

Tavalu, a tinny land in the South Pacific Ocean is in the first position in the list of the least visited countries in the world. The land has a grand total of only 1,100 tourists a year. If you want visit a land which is going to vanish soon under the ocean waves due to global warming, then plan a trip to Tavalu and be one of the rare travelers. Tourism is not properly developed there mainly because it is very difficult to go there. There are only some irregular and expensive flights from Fiji to land in Tavalu.

KIRIBATI - nicknamed as Christmas Island

Kiribati is a land in the Pacific Ocean and famous for being one of the best fishing and diving spots in the world. There are only 3,900 tourists per year. It can also be the best place to celebrate the New Year, because in 1999 it was the first place in the earth to welcome in the present new millennium.


Tajikistan is one of the best walking places with many spectacular mountains. It receives only 4,000 tourists in a year. The land has a history of having many important Silk Roads and various cultural influences from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. But the country has one of the world's most difficult bureaucratic visa application processes. This also keeps visitors coming in the land. But taking the trouble of getting Tajikistan visa will be worthy.


The island in Pacific Ocean is suffers lack of tourism revenues mainly because of isolation and lack of communication with rest of the world. It gets only a total of 6,000 tourists in a year. Here you can find all exotic views of a Pacific island - lagoons, simple locals, plenty of corals and some real exciting diving spots.

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