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10 Most Jaw-Dropping Places In America

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in one amazingly spectacular and jaw-dropping place, be it an ocean or rain-forest waterfall or beautiful landscapes you had never heard of or laid your eyes on, Here are 10 of them :


Glacier trail stretching up to 19-kilometers inhabiting some of the most incredible astonishing ice caves. The mighty, magnificent is most accessible because of its close proximity to the airport. it can be accessed by road too, aerial tours offered by helicopter companies are available, the uniqueness of the glacier lies on its blue mystical color, it habitats local bears and migratory whales, this is one place you should consider having on your bucket-list of places you have never seen, so epic.


Situated near Page, Arizona, this true definition of beauty is divided into two different sections, "the crack" and "the corkscrew". This is the most amazing yet not much known nature's most breathtaking sculpture, the area has customer services offered by tour guides, site seeing is on monster trucks, this natural tent of colour and unique structure is an instagrammer's or any tweeter's dream.


This marvellous set of woodland and aquatic plants is located in Columbia River gorge. The ferns and mosses covering it make another Disney land, and visitors can walk through the creek during summer, a beautiful swimming hole under a waterfall is yet another reason to have this place on your priority list, you ever dream of great photo shoots, this definitely is the place to be.

This piece of paradise sits west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by waters; it's only accessible by boats, ferries and seaplanes. The view is appealing, one would enjoy trip tours deep in the water by the use of snorkels and closely interact with the aquatic life up-close, the environs are serene, you get the chance to fish, and camping is also a great option in this place. Fort Jefferson makes it historical; the fort is so cool just to walk around.


It is the largest hot spring in America located in Yellowstone national park, an aerial view of this natural pool of hot water with rainbow like colours makes it so mesmerizing, a clearly ideal place for hikers since it is a steep climb. The scenery is out of this world, it is literally like being on another planet, so much mind blowing, and if you are so much addicted to your camera and in need for photos for your memory lanes, this is the place.


They call it "the stairway to heaven", practically not allowed to the public but either way breaking the law sometimes and ignoring the "no trespassing" sign posts can be worth it, just pray hard the guard turns out to be so soft on you, it is so one-of-a-kind-experience, climbing from the base of the mountain to an elevation of about 3000 feet, it is totally illegal but one would not mind to stand in the court chambers just for a hike on this serene mountain.


This great geological structure is found just near Page, Arizona, along Colorado River and acquires its name from its horseshoe-like shape. This bend makes it a precious jewel, the viewpoint is so easy to reach, and amazing scenic photo captures.

this beautiful glow also known as aurora borealis is one of the wonders of the world and mostly happen from between September and April, the scenes of the sky getting painted green, pink, yellow and purple. This can be an ultimate life-time experience.


A rock formation resembling a painting situated in Paria canyon-vermilion cliffs along Arizona-Utah border, the appearance is catchy, the colours and the waves and the hikes, another destination in the wild.


This saltwater fountain-like water rolling into a circular crevice relies on the power of the ocean tides, happens just one hour before high tide and one hour after high tide, should one opt to go and see it in action, you have to wait for tides, and any visitor should be cautious when viewing it.

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