10 Most Beautiful Churches of the Philippines 

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10 Most Beautiful Churches of the Philippines

The Philippines has a predominantly Christian population due to its colonial culture and rich history. As such, there are a number of churches in the country, some of them dating back to a long time. Now, whether a visitor is a worshipper or not, some of the churches can be simply awe-inspiring due to their immaculate architecture and superb decoration and design. We take a look here at some of the most beautiful churches which are there on the island and that can take a visitor back in time.  Visiting these beautiful churches in the Philippines can be a great experience to cherish.

Miag-ao Church

This exquisitely decorative church in Iloilo is also popularly known as the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church and is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is one of the beautiful churches in the Philippines. At the time of the Spanish colonial period, its two unequal bell towers were used to defend the city from Muslim raids. The church accommodates the limestone image of the traditional Filipino clothing, the Birhen ng Barangay and a treasured picture of the Saint Thomas of Villanova from the late 1790s.

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Paoay Church

This extremely decorated church in Ilocos Norte is a structural marvel and is a National Cultural Treasure in addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as the Saint Augustine Church and has a three-story coral bell tower that looks like a pagoda. The bell tower was erected separately and was meant specifically for earthquake protection reasons. The church was built in 1710 and is especially popular for its 24 huge buttresses.

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Sarrat Church

It is also known as the San Miguel Church and was made in 1779 in Ilocos Norte. It is a beautiful replica of ancient medieval architecture. Hence, the National Museum of Philippines has d it as an Important Cultural Property of the country mainly on account of its long nave that is an eye-catcher for anyone visiting the structure. 

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Bantay Church

It is also known as the Saint Augustine Parish Church and is one of the oldest prayer halls in the country. Built in 1590, it exhibits neo-Gothic architecture in pseudo-Romanesque style that is typical of every Spanish construction of the period. Although the church was damaged during the Second World War, looking at its importance, it was rebuilt during the 1950s.  

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Bacarra Church

It is one of the oft-visited churches on the island and is quite popular for its “beheaded” bell tower that is called the Torres di Bacarra. This gorgeous church also houses a museum, the Museo di Bacarra that has many archival photos, documents, cultural and religious antiques.  

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Church of Santa Maria dos Olivais

It is also called the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and is situated in Ilocos Sur. It has been made on a hilltop so that soldiers and religious men of the Spanish colonial period could stay here and take care of the region. It can only be accessed by climbing an 85-step staircase completely built from granite rock. Due to its magnificent looks and the fortress-type walls surrounding it completely, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Betis Church

This elegantly beautiful church in Pampanga is also called the Saint James the Apostle Parish Church and has been d as a National Cultural Treasure of the country. This fantastic period-era prayer hall has Holy Family paintings by the celebrated painter Simon Flores in addition to decorative ceiling murals that look astounding. There is also an attractive artesian well on the patio that dates back to the 1800s and is worth looking at during your visit to some of the beautiful churches in the Philippines. 

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Liliw Church
Our Lady of Piat Church
Our Lady of Light Parish Church

This monumentally superb-looking prayer house is a d historical site due to its association with the Philippines-American War. Here, the portrait of Our Lady has been made by the celebrated artist, Fernando Amorsolo and is an exact replica of the real painting in Palermo, Italy.  


These are some of the most beautiful churches and many others of similar type can also be there on this list from the island. Witnessing them can be a worthwhile experience for any visitor due to their sheer size and the astonishing civil design of the period that they offer. 

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