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10 deepest caves around the world open to be explored by tourists

10 deepest caves around the world open to be explored by tourists

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1. Marble Caves


This is known to be the most amazing caves across the world. It remains partially submerged in the lake Carrera in the heart of Chile. The inner walls of the caves have shiny marbles that have been polished to perfection by nature. These caves are the result of water splashing against the shore of the marble for over six thousand years.

2. Iceland’s Skaftafell Ice Caves

Iceland’s Skaftafell Ice Caves


These ice caves have been formed due to a glacier that is melting over it in the national park of Skaftafell. The water turns into a new ice layer as soon as it runs over cold ice in the crevasses. The walls of the cave are created of ice which is crystal clear. It is hard to believe for people who do not see it with their own eyes. Only a part of the cave is accessible by travelers as the other ways are kept closed down for security reasons.

3. Glowworm Caves


This cave is a fascinating one and a true gift of nature.  These caves have an uncountable number of bioluminescent worms that remains stuck to its ceilings and walls creating a blue light that is present throughout the caves. There are 300 cave systems in this cave and all of them have these worms. The tourists are taken in boats to view the caves.

4. Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Caves of the Thousand Buddhas


This cave is an exception as it has not been created by nature rather it was curved out by Buddhist monks near Dunhuang during the 4th and 11th centuries. Till date, a total of 492 caves have been discovered among which may go down to 500 meters. There is the various status of the Buddha all around the caves on its walls and ceilings.

5. Mexico’s Crystal Cave

Mexico’s Crystal Cave


This cave was discovered by the miners in 2000. It is located in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. The cave is 120 meters under the ground. There are 12 meter long crystals in the caves which are the largest present on Earth. There are special types of bacteria that exist there which are not found in any other place across the planet.

6. Blue caves


These caves are located on the West coast of the Island of Zakynthos that. Tourists can enjoy a great view of the caves. The caves can be explored only on boats. One has to rent a boat that will take them through the passageways present there. 

7. Krubera cave present


This cave is present in the Caucasus mountain range that is located in Georgia. This is one of the deepest caves present on Earth. It is more than two kilometers deep. The inside of the cave is impressive. This is said to be the oldest cave that exists on the planet. The geologists and researchers believe that these caves have been created out of flooding in the past.

9. Sima de la Cormisa


Sima de la Cormisa is present in Spain. Just like Samra, this is also a deep cave that drops straight inside the center of the mountain. It is 1887 meters deep and can be really dangerous.

10. Yucatan Cenotes


This cave has a massive river system at its base. The river flows beneath the Yucatan Peninsula. This is not one cave rather a series of sinkholes that are beautiful places one after the other. This has become a favorite tourist spot for travelers from various parts of the world. This cave, unlike several others, is safe for visitors. The caves have tropical flora all around them and are filled with cold water.

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