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Amazing Caves Across the World

Caves are some unknown yet candid mysteries for mankind. They can be found anywhere and everywhere in the world. They vary in length and depth. Caves are truly gory but they are the topic of excavation and interest for scientists from time to time. Their effect is always so inundating.

Jeita Grotto Cave - Lebanon

The Jeita Grotto cave is located 20 km north of Beirut, Lebanon. This cave system is a resultant of the action of water and limestone. The limestone and the water effect have created dome like cellars of different shapes and sizes . They in turn go on to make stalactites and stalagmites with amazing rock formations. The Jeita Grotto cave system in Lebanon is more than 9000 m and encompasses the biggest stalactites in the world measuring 8.20 m.

Grotto Of The Marvels - Spain

This Grotto of the marvels is located in Huelva, in Aracena (Spain). This cave was discovered in 1886 and opened to the public in 1914. This cave system attains a length of 2130 m but the permissible limit for visitors is just 1200. The Grotto of the Marvels embarks a glory through the presence of innumerable differently coloured stalagmites and stalactites. Truly, the beauty of the lakes in this cave is very unique.

Enchanted well- Chapada Diamantina national park - Brazil

The enchanted well is engraved in the Chapada Diamantina National park in Bahia state 400 kms from Salvador. This giant sunken pool is more than 120 feet deep and the water is so pristine and serene that the rocks and the ancient tree trunks are visible in the crest of the enchanted well. When the sun is just at the right position light passes through a cleft and creates a blue reflection in the water. A trance state descends on any visitor witnessing the beholding phenomena.

Caves of Mira D'aire - Spain

The Caves of Mira D'aire is Europe's largest cave system. Travellers thrill going on an underground tour which leads deep down through a series of colourfully lit caverns. The last vault which is 110 m below the surface contains a huge lake with artificial waterfalls and amazingly fabulous artificial fountains. The caves mentioned above are really mind boggling and truly offer an enthralling experience.

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