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Monastery of Ostro

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PlaceMonastery of Ostro
Area Montenegro
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About Monastery of Ostro

Highly elevated, this monastery of Ostrog is positioned close to the rock of Ostroska Greda above the vale of Bjelopavlici guarantee to flabbergast you and give you a sense of disbelief that it could not have been built by humans. It is chiseled into the rocks with the purpose to keep old secrets carefully which are century old related with the shrine. The Metropolitan Vasilije of Herzegovina founded Ostrog in 17th century who died here and was later declared as a saint as well. While seeing its alluring locations, you may Gornii Ostrog the most beautiful of all. Further, two other churches that are committed to the Holy Cross are also very magnificent and may be liked by you.Monastery of Ostrog offers you Lower church to look at in Gornji manastir, devoted to Vavedenje of Holy Mary and thus keeps the essence of Christianity alive in the Christian world after the Holy Mount and Christ's Tomb.

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