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Samrat Ashok Udhyan Trip Packages
Samrat Ashok Udhyan Trip Packages
Samrat Ashok Udhyan Trip Packages

Samrat Ashok Udhyan

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About Samrat Ashok Udhyan

It is neither a historical monument nor a warm journey spot. In truth it was now not deliberate as a travel spot, but has assumed the fame of such spot because of its place, splendor and strict area of locals. It changed into designed as recreational facility for local human beings, but is now rightly defined as pride of Jodhpur. This is essentially a lawn, making plans for which began in 1998 to expand a bit of barren or fallow land beneath authorities ownership. After sum initial rumblings about its nomenclature at political level, the work improved after the year 2004.

Ashok udyan is placed in the south western fringe of this city and is precisely placed alongside Jodhpur-Barmer countrywide dual carriageway. It has nearly rectangle form, having NW-SE orientation. Its maximum length is six hundred mts., width along motorway is 330mts. This width tapers to 280 mts. in NW guidelines. It has been designed in a totally systematic manner. The central portion is open area with well maintained lush green grass. Along the periphery of this open area decorative flora had been grown that have attained the heights of 6 to 10 mts.

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