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Purana Qila

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About Purana Qila

Purana Qila' is one of the most seasoned fortresses in Delhi. The present fortification at Purana Qila is thought to had been built under Humayun and Afghan Sher Shah Suri. Unearthings factor to follows from the third century BC, the pre-Mauryan span. The first rounds of unearthings – in 1954– 55 and 1969– 72 – by utilizing BB Lal, at that point chief of the Archeological Survey of India, had uncovered strains of Painted Gray Ware culture underneath the hill. At the time, Lal had propelled into an undertaking to uncover various destinations expressed in the Mahabharata message and had discovered such strains as a typical element at all the ones locales.

Based on PGW, which archeologically has a place with the 6th – 12th century BC, ASI reasoned that Purana Qila is the Pandava nation of Indraprastha, evaluating 900 BCE as the length of the war expressed in the epic. The manor turned into the interior stronghold of the city of Din Panah amid Humayun's standard who revamped it in 1533 and finished 5 years after the fact. The establishing father of the Suri Dynasty, Sher Shah Suri, vanquished Humayun in 1540, naming the stronghold Shergarh;the brought a few additional frameworks inside the complex throughout his five-year rule. Purana Qila and its environs prospered as the "6th town of Delhi".

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