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Peddamma Gudi Temple

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About Peddamma Gudi Temple

Enjoying a super location in the center of the city, Peddamma Gudi Temple is one of the most famous non secular shrines of Hyderabad. Said to be extra than 150 years vintage, this temple took its present form inside the year of 1993 when the Rajagopuram became constructed. Its structural beauty and religious significance attracts hundreds of devotees every day, making it one among a prominent vicinity to visit in your Hyderabad City tour. Peddamma Temple is devoted to Goddess Laxmi who's shown sitting on a lion known as as Santhan Laxmi.

The name Peddamma is derived from words ‘pedda’ and ‘amma’, which means that mother of mothers, denoting the Goddess. There are many legends / stories stating the beginning of Peddamma Temple. According to one legend, Goddess, after placing an cease to the demon, had come to quench her thirst on the nicely located at this vicinity. A shepherd later noticed an idol of the goddess on the identical place where now the temple stands.

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