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Kedar Gauri Temple Trip Packages
Kedar Gauri Temple Trip Packages

Kedar Gauri Temple

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About Kedar Gauri Temple

Kedar Gauri Temple is surely a complicated which consists of two separate temples, one is dedicated to Lord Shiva and any other is to Goddess Parvati. Legend holds that King Lalatendu Kesari built these temples in determination to two fans named Kedar and Gauri. Even these days, the fans who want to get married come to this temple to get the blessing of the deities.

Another legend holds that Lord Shiva together with Goddess Parvati came to this place from Varanasi, as he favored a extra silent region. Kedar Temple is one of the temples in the Kedar Gauri Temple complicated. The architectural capabilities of this temple resembles with Siddheswara Temple positioned in Mukteswara Temple complicated. It becomes constructed with the aid of the Ganga Kings inside the 12th century CE. This south dealing with temple enshrines Shivalinga named as Kedareshwar. It has rekha kind vimana and pidha kind Jagamohana. The temple is pancha ratha on plan and panchanga bada on elevation. There are Parsvadevta idols discovered across the outdoors wall which include Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati.

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