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Toro Nagashi 2018

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Event Name : Toro Nagashi 2018
Venue : Sasebo
Start Date : Thursday, 16-Aug-2018
End Date : Thursday, 16-Aug-2018

Toro nagashi is a long-held Japanese custom where flame lit lamps are discharged into waterways to direct the spirits of progenitors back to the next world amid the Obon season. On Aug. 16, the Asakusa Toro Nagashi will see 2,500 lamps set above water on the Sumida River between the Azuma-bashi and Kototoi-bashi connects close Asakusa. A hauntingly delightful sight, the quiet custom is a signal of regard for the individuals who have passed away and gives members a minute to consider their precursors, friends and family or even past pets. In 1946, after World War II, this celebration, at that point called the "Celebration of Recovery," saw the arrival of 3,000 lights on the Sumida River.

A while later it pulled in a huge number of individuals every year, including voyagers from around the globe. The occasion, be that as it may, quit being held in 1965 after surge dividers were based on the two sides of the stream, blocking access until 2005, when the development of a Sumida River patio, which has a mobile way, bistro and rest regions, made it conceivable to restore the custom. The service may happen on different days of the year for such reasons as the remembrance of those lost in the besieging of Hiroshima and the individuals who passed on Japan Airlines Flight 123. It is additionally performed in different locales of the world, for example, Hawaii, to recognize the finish of World War II.

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