Foods of Kenya - 6 dishes of African cuisine that you must try when you visit Kenya

Foods of Kenya - 6 dishes of African cuisine that you must try when you visit Kenya

Kenya has some of the most versatile cuisines in the world. As Kenya has a mixed population around this has given a twist to their food culture. Plus they carry their rich heritage from the tribes existent from ancient time and each of them had different food styles basis their locations in the geography. Swahilis are more included towards the seafood as survived at the shore of the Tana River, Mombasa and on the other hand, Masai tribe was placed in the middle of the grasslands between the hub of wildlife. They have learnt using sharp stones and other stuff to hunt the animals down and their inclination was more towards meat and local vegetation. The cuisines in Kenya are truly awesome and while on a visit must try some of the best dishes we are listing below.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Kenya - 6 dishes of African cuisine that you must try when you visit Kenya

1. Ugali

This is a staple food for the common Kenyan people and it is usually made out of cornmeal. Cornmeal is added to the boiling water and heated until the mixture turns a little dense paste. This dish looks like a grainy dough and becomes just a heavy block of brick. Kenyans eat ugali along with cooked vegetables as a meal. You can find this dish on the menu of traditional cuisine serving restaurants in the country. It is a quite different a flavour and might not have tasted it before so should try this dish certainly.

2. Sukuma Wiki

This is a vegetarian-friendly dish and if you like the green leafy vegetable then you are going love it. This is a staple food in Kenya and it prepared with use the of green leafy local vegetables. Apart from there is a prominent use of onions and tomato well. They add some flavours with few sprinkles of mchuzi mix which is a secret salt which is used by Kenyans. The use of ingredients makes it an amazing dish with enhanced flavours. This is a must-try dish.

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3. Nyama Choma

This the one of the traditional non-vegetarian dish which would be much appreciated by the non-veg lovers. One can't miss out this from the Kenyan Menu. Nyama Choma is a splendid roasted meal and it is a mouthwatering dish for all the ones who like roasted chicken and meats. There are two types of Nyama Choma in the Kenyan kitchen made of chicken and the other one uses fish. So, you can choose the one which suits your taste. Also, the different restaurant you might find some different variant as the restaurants try to deliver some speciality in their menu. This is certainly a dish to be looked out for.

4. Mutura

It is Kenyan sausage dish, a meat snack high on protein can be best enjoyed along with a mug of beer. This dish is made out of goat meat and it is served with yummy Kenyan sausage which is very much appreciated by the dinners. The sausage is completely cooked and the poured over the grilled meat until it starts giving a smoky flavour. This dish is ranked high in terms of the authentic taste of Kenyan dishes. You may even find this one among the best street food available apart from fine dining restaurants.

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5. Matoke

This dish is originated in another African country Uganda however Kenya has developed its own version of the dish over time. The prime ingredient of this dish is banana which cooked along with lemon juice, onion, meat optional, tomatoes, chilli and garlic in a pot to enhance the flavours. The dish is cooked until the banana gets softs and starts giving a thick gravy along with other ingredients. This dish is best served hot. This dish is to be enjoyed along with bread like chapati, Ugali or maybe rice. This is one of the most amazing stewing Kenyan dishes and should be once there in your plate.

6. Pilau

Another authentic taste which comes from the Kenyan kitchen is Kenyan Pilau. This dish is a combination of cooked rice with spices to enhance flavours like cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, cloves. The fragrance is truly awesome once the dish is ready. It is generally consumed with a meat stew along with an amazing salad to enrich your diet. You may also choose to eat this dish along with Matoke stew as well as preferred for the vegetarian eaters. This is the dish can't be missed out once you are in Kenya.

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