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Gentse Feesten 2018

Event Name : Gentse Feesten 2018
Venue : Ghent
Start Date : Friday, 13-Jul-2018
End Date : Sunday, 22-Jul-2018

Gentse Feesten 2018

Ghent, the capital city of East Flanders province of Belgium is the place where one would find the Gentse Feesten festival. First held in the year 1843, this festival is also known as the Ghent Festival. Basically, it is a music and theatre festival along with the random small street acts such as mimicker and buskers.

One of the biggest cultural and popular festivals in Europe, Gentse Feesten is a sort of a event conglomerate with diverse shows in the line. Within the line up of the celebrations, there comes the Gent Jazz Festival, Comedy Festival Gent, International Puppet Buskers Festival, International Street Theatre Festival, Boomtown and Ground Zero Festival. So, over all, an art lover would love to be here with his mind open in imagination and creativity and soul drenched in artistic output.

Over 2 million people visit this gala each year and the number is on a growth path with the passage of time.

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